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CH7, how to eset memory overclock?

Hi,I looked everywhere but I couldn't find an answer for my problem. Is there a way to reset the memory OC without having to reset the whole bios every time? I also have a Maximus VIII Ranger, and the board has a MemOK! button to reset the memory OC....

Trying to decide which CPU to get for a C6H

Hi All, I'm trying to decide on my CPU upgrade path and hope some of you can help.Planning on getting a Ryzen 3000 series CPU for my (strictly) gaming rig. I'm between from the 3600 to the 3800x and everything in the middle. I only game in VR and rea...

Thick8 by Level 7
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Failed flashback Asus X570 Crosshair VIII Hero

Hi, i bought the Asus C8H motherboard few days ago which came with bios version 0506. New bios version 0702 has been released and i try to flash the bios with flashback method, unfortunately no matter how i tried it just don't work, i formatted the U...

Crosshair VI hero WIFI-AC

please fix the audio drivers on this mainboard!!!no advanced options for the microphone like i used to have on the crosshair V formula! what the hell happened?!?!?!nobody with microphones picking up background noise to the point u cannot use discord ...

Calin by Level 7
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Exception code: 0xc0000005 with audiodg.exe

Is anyone else periodically getting this error?When it happens my audio stutters and the following error appears in my event viewer:Faulting application name: AUDIODG.EXE, version: 10.0.18362.239, time stamp: 0xfeb44817Faulting module name: unknown, ...

ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero

Hello!I used ASUS from soket A with nforce2, sk754, sk939, skAM2, skAM3, skAM3+, and now AM4. Tomorrow I will get AMD Ryzen 9 3900x but I can't find any support for CH7 mobo on your CPU support table. I have to mention there is nothing about memory ...

t0xick by Level 7
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Crosshair VII + R9 3900X

Hey ...Why the crosshair VII don't support the Ryzen 9 3900X?The Ryzens in the CH7 CPU list is only up to the 3800X...The X370 Prime Pro supports the 3900X!!!!!I dont understand this move ^^My CH7 costs 300 bugs, the Prime ~150 € ...Panic!!!!