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X470 itx strix bios configuration

Hi,I am currently configuring asus rog strix x470 itx with a ryzen 2700x and 16gb 3200cl14 flare x memory. In the bios under AI tweaker there are the options "TPU" and "Core performance boost" (CPB). Both options "overclocks the CPU and DRAM to enhan...

thorwb by Level 7
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X470 crosshair problems

I just got through building my new system. Even after reading all the bad reviews I went with the x470 Crosshair vii hero motherboard. I installed an amd 2700 with a noctua cooler and Gskill Trident 3200 ddr4 ram. Got everything up and installed wind...

Identifying M.2 Slots in Software

Hello:I have recently completed my new Desktop build (ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO M/B, AMD RYZEN 7 2700X CPU, G.Skill F4-2933C14D-32GFX RAM, and two Samsung 970EVO NVMeM.2 500GB SSDs. The system seems to operate fine except I can't find a way to ID, ...

CH7 + 2700X Beginners OC guide

Hi guys—first post here and I'm just starting to read all the stickies on this forum but would really appreciate if someone could either point me to the direction of a good guide on overclocking the 2700X on the CH7 or if you could offer some suggest...

arvinz by Level 7
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Ryzen 7 2700x / x470-f high CPU temp issue

Hi there. I just built a new system based on Ryzen 7 2700x and Asus x470-f. My issue is when all settings of my MoBo is left on "Auto" the CPU Vcore goes crazy high (1.4 - 1.5V) even with simple tasks on win10. I can manually set my Vcore(from BIOS) ...

stuck on 2.2 ghz

Hi, after uninstal AISuite 30013 cpu stuck at 2.2 ghz. I set in UEFI "load optimized defaults" , and NOTHING.please HELP!

stefzg by Level 7
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new rig. many issues...

Hi guys, Iv built my 1st rig on a crosshairs here vii (wifi) motherboard. My 1st issue is a constant 24 code which is something to do with the RAM and may explain why my Corsair Vengance RGB pro is stuck in rainbow mode and no software will recogni...

caveo by Level 7
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