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CPU-fan behaving strange

so, I just built my new computer this weekend, CH7 with 3900x and a Noctua NH-D15 cpu-cooler. Since my ram was to tall for the two NF-A15-fans i switched the fan sitting over the ram to a NF-A12x25. I contected both the NF-A15 and NF-A12x25 to a spli...

CH VII & 3900X high vcore in BIOS

Hi, I've just bought a 3900X and a Crosshair VII Hero WiFi. Just turn it on for the first time and the vcore in BIOS is always 1,4-1,47 v. All is set to auto, just default settings. Is It normal?Thanks in advance.

CH6 WPump header problem

Hey all,Hoping people can give me some help here. I have been on several different BIOS versions and in each sometimes my WPump header reverse its speeds so to speak, causing my water pump to basically shut down even though I have it set to a certain...

Asus Crosshair XI (CH6) - faulty Sensors?

Hi,i saw a very huge difference between the asus sensores and the values i set in bios. When i set the ram to 1.35v iam getting 1.372 shwon in windows - when i set it to 1.375 it shows 1.395v. Same issue with VCore - manualy set to 1.300v causing in ...

6kbyte by Level 7
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TurboV Core for x470/Crosshair VII

HeyWhere can i get the TurboV Core Tool for my Crosshair VII, cant find a matching version. I see people using it with the X470 boards. Maybe someone can help me out.Thank you

marsel by Level 7
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C7H fans stop at high load

Hi! I'm having a problem with my C7H where all of my fans that are connected to the mobo stop spinning when the pc gets a higher load. This is causing a thermal shutdown. BIOS version 2501. Nothing in my pc has changed in a few months and now this st...

Ryzen 3XXX (Matisse) on x470 will memory run faster?

Question is in the title, does anyone know if you can get the new memory speeds being advertised on the x470 board that some of the x570 boards are advertising for the Ryzen 3rd Gen?I am seeing some boards advertised speeds of 4800+ Mhz on DDR4 memro...

Lothos by Level 7
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