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C7H + 3800X doesn't start - code F9

Hi!I have some problem with my C7H (wifi) and 3800X - I instaled new BIOS 2801, instaled new ryzen, and it doesn't boot.Screen display only colorfull artefacts, and motherboard display F9 code. BIOS is in default settings - after instal. The same set...

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BIOS Flashback not working

Not sure what's going on, but BIOS flashback on my Crosshair VI Hero is completely borked. It won't install any BIOS i throw at it. I've tried several, renamed it to C6H.CAP and nothing, get 3 flashes and then a steady on screen for the BIOS button e...

Shared GPU Memory on Chrosshair VI Hero??? WTF?

Windows is reporting that 32 GB of my 64 GB is shared GPU memory!!I have no integrated graphics and of course the motherboard doesn't have onboard video. I only have discrete GPU. How is that possible?! What setting in BIOS is responsible for th...

steevf by Level 7
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Unable to startup!

Hi everyone,I'm new here and I'm begging for help. Before I explain my issue I'm gonna tell you a little story: I bought a Ryzen 7 2700, 2x Ballistix Sports LT 3000Mhz 8GB, EVGA 750W Gold, MSI B450 Pro Carbon AC and MSI RX 570. My motherboard and oth...

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pci encryption/decryption controller X570 Driver

I have a fresh install of windows 10 all updated, have gone to the Asus website downloaded and installed all drivers/updatesI have installed AMD drivers/chipset package alsoIn device manager its still showing as 2 drivers missing1. pci encryption/dec...

Strix X370-F M.2 slot and Wifi Pci-e conflict

Hi all im experiencing this problem from a bit now, im on the latest bios 5220 whit a 3600X installed,so basicly i have a Crucial MX300 ssd into M.2 slot and a wifi pci card in pcie 1-3 slot the last one smallThe problem is in windows 10 installation...

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How to Fix freezing and BSOD issues with BIOS 7501 on C6H

So I narrowed my freezing and weird boot up issues on my C6H, with the latest BIOS, down to memory.I went and got timings from the Ryzen DRAM calculator and it fixed my problems. (I left my primary timings as XMP, then all the other subtimings from t...

Crosshair vi hero error code 8 👋👋

dont know where to post this question but its a huge issue. i have a ryzen 2700. Crosshair vi hero x370 motherboard. gtx 1080 ti and gskill 3200 flare x ram. Windows 10. my build was running GREAT. its got a custom water loop and everything. All th...