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CH7 WiFi BIOS 2406 Issue

I updated to the Bios 2406 from the BIOS utility from a USB drive. Now I can't get into the BIOS nor can I flashback to the 2304 BIOS. I am also seeing an AA error on the Q-Code LED.I have tried flashback several times and it just won't do it. I h...

danjw by Level 10
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CH6+7106 fan issues and question about voltages

I'm new here so hello all! While waiting to be approved to post I've read about people having some issues with the latest bios and the CH6, and other boards/updates. Figured I should post in the bug thread but I also had a unrelated question so he...

Redd81 by Level 7
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ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero / Formula

I want to show motherboards to enthusiasts who not read news everyday and plan to upgrade on new AMD processors.I mean it's very hard from my perspective impossible to real enthusiast now invest in Intel platform when PCI-E 3.0 become obsolete and ev...

Vlada011 by Level 10
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ASUS X570 Motherboard Lineup - Questions about RAM-OC

Hi,I'm using an ASUS Maximus X Hero motherboard together with an Intel i7-8700K right now and I'm interested to switch the platform to AMD when Ryzen 3000 is released. I'm using 4x8GB DDR4 4000CL16 with my current Intel setup and as far as I know the...

LIFE_ by Level 7
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CH6 - SATA boot issue

Hello,Someone have already no sata drive recognized at cold startup ?Computer boot directly in the BIOS and no HDD in boot menu, reboot but return on the BIOS with sata drive recognized this time but stay in this loop one time with the drive, one tim...

nings2 by Level 7
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Ch7 wifi wake on lan issue

Hi @RajaI'm facing an issue since day 1 with this mobo, and hasn't been adressed in the latest BIOS (v1201):The Intel Ethernet port stops responding to WOL magic packets after aprox. 24hs of computer being shutdown in power-off state (S5). In S3 it w...


My PC crashes at least once daily and I get a Windows 10 Pro BSOD with the error message stopcode MEMORY MANAGEMENT.I have run windows memory diagnostics for several hours but no errors were found with my memory.Any idea how to diagnose the source of...

dusank by Level 7
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1800x safe voltages?

Hey guys/gals,I have been running into an issues with my system "crashing" due to a unstable overclock. My system was completely stable for desktop use but only under a certain condition would my system completely crash. My system would crash ONLY ...

problem code 00

I have a problem with the motherboard Asus ROG X470 hero 2 when I turn off the pc then show me code 00 does not stop the operation, although the motherboard is new and replaced by the same motherboard, but it shows me the same problem I installed t...

D7m159 by Level 7
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