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Aura and case light problem

Hi there,I'm using a CH7HWF along with a LIAN LI 011 Dynamic XL case.This case has a front led strip that should be compatible with Asus Aura:I've connected the case's 3-pin cable to the ADD_HEADER1 of the mobo but still does not work.Should I set so...

Baio73 by Level 8
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C7H-WiFi, can't boot at 3200MHz memory?

I apologize if I'm just being stupid but I've been trying intermittently to get my DDR4-3200Mhz kit to run at DCOP speeds and have had absolutely no luck.I'm running the following:CPU: 3800XMobo: C7H with the 2901 BIOS, tried 3004 and had no luck wit...

Back IO RGB LED lights not functioning on Board

Hi Guys so i have recently built my PC and everything is working fine on the board minus the back IO lights. i have tried everything to get these to light up and haven't had any luck. i have updated the BIOS and used the flasher tool i have found on ...

Crosshair VII Hero Wi-Fi and onboard USB ports problem

Hi there,I'm experiencing a very strange problem with my mainboard and onboard USB ports called USB1112 and USB15 in the manual.If I connect a Corsair Commander Pro to USB1112, it works fine.If I connect the 2 USB 3.0 front panel ports (using and ada...

Baio73 by Level 8
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USB 3.1 Gen 2 port not working.

I have the Crosshair VII X470.The USB 3.1 Gen 2 port doesn't work. It's never worked.But today I really wanted to use it as I am going to transfer a lot of data, and I wanted to make use of it.If I plug the same device into a different USB port, it ...

SSD lost in Bios after using EZ Tune Wizard

While using EZ Tuning Wizard in the bios, I found that it would kick out my Crucial MX500 SSD. I am running my system on a EVO 970 1tb M.2 SSD. The Sata SSD is for storage. This happened with Bios 1105 and 1201. Not sure if this is normal or a bu...

Quick Question regarding 1usmus ryzen power plan on x470.

Hi,I'm using a crosshair vii hero, just updated the bios to the latest official and enabled his power plan, used universal as I have the latest win 10 build.In the power plan description it states:Global C-state Control = EnabledPo...

Crosshair VII won’t load USB Win10

Hey all.*Just put together a new rig (first build in about 7 years)Crosshair VII Hero BIOS 0601Ryzen 2700XTrident-Z 32GB 3200GTX Ti VGAWD 512GB M.2 NVME -Posted perfectly on the first shot. *Went through and updated to the latest BIOS. *-Changed boot...