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C7H strange USB keyboard/mouse problem

So i have switched from 2700X to 3600 yesterday on my C7H, have a Razer keyboard wired USB and an ASUS ROG Pugio wired mouse USB, had them connected on the top most USB row. When i first booted with the 3600, they both worked in BIOS, but disappeared...

Ryzen 3000 TDC not working!

Hi all,I recently purchased a 3600 paired with my Crosshair VI and had all the issues most of you have had (07 etc). 7304 seems the most stable however.My issue and I can't seem to find anyone else having the issue is the low boosting. My 3600 only g...

CH7H M.2 Slots using Ryzen 3000 chips ??

The Ryzen 3000 Series chips have 4.0 PCIe enabled on them.and I have seen reviews and posts showing that the M.2 that is connectedto the CPU are indeed enabled with the current bios's.With 1000/2000 series chips, the CH7H M.2 slots are BOTH 3.0x4,and...

new build won't boot???

.i have nw x40-i motherboard, ryzen 5 3400g,, radeon rx 570, 2 x 8gb crucial ballistix sport 3200, .....all built and everything powers up - however nothing else happens. I have checked every connection including cpu more than once. The Q led ligh...

C6H advise needed

Hi to all,C6H's price has droped to 150€/167$. Would you suggest the purchase of this X370 board in 2019 for performance/cost? I would like to use PBO with a Ryzen 2xxx for the time being until I switch to a 3xxx series one. Or would you suggest some...

CH7: PPT and TDC sensors broken

Hi,I've got bad temps with my 3900x when I run prime95 and aida64. It goes up to 95º and throttle. With today better ambient temp, it went down to 85-90º but I think it's still bad compared to other ppl who report temps around 75º with same CPU and c...

Morille by Level 7
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Crosshair VII + 2700X average idle vcore 1.4-1.45v?

Yesterday i upgraded from the Gigabyte Aorus Ultra Gaming that i had for over a year with a dead x16 pcie slot to the Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero.I installed the newest 2501 BIOS and set D.O.C.P. to the 3200 CL16 profile, everything else is as it was...

What is the 9-pin header above the top PCIe x16 slot?

Hi,Yesterday when I was cleaning my computer, I noticed a 9-pin header above the PCIe x16 slot. I checked my paper manual, and the downloadable online one, but neither of them mentioned it. Searching the web yielded no results either.Does anyone know...

tamasd by Level 7
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