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CH6 Extreme: Factory Restet

I have installed 'Debian Linux 10 non-free live', and everything is running extremely fast, with secure boot.It's like Every website was popped up just before I clicked with fully loaded page.I've never experienced this kind of fastness before.And th...

photon0 by Level 7
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C6H BIOS 7501 stable with 3600 and fast memory

Been updating the BIOS with each new one. This latest one seems to have done the trick. The CPU runs at 4.2+Ghz on all cores most of the time. I got 32 Gb (4 sticks) of Ballistic 3600 memory clocked at 1866/3733 CAS 16 (XMP).Ran a battery of memory a...

Thick8 by Level 7
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Freezes, Shutdowns, Q-Code 8 and orange Q-LED (DRAM)

4 months ago I had a pc store assemble a pc system for me after carefully selecting most components (except the RAM).From day one it had some minor issues. Short sound distortions. But it happened rarely and since the computer was very large, heavy a...

NEED HELP Asus prime x470 pro

Hello there, i need support before making an RMA request that would make me be without computer for ages: my motherboard brand new directly bought in bundle with a ryzen 7 3700x and a kit of 8x2 GB DDR4 3600mhz, its making me serious problems.One of ...

Waking up issues

Just built a new computer and I've come across an issue with my Crosshair vii hero wifi motherboard. Whenever I wake it up from sleep it completely disables the wifi and I end up having to shut down the computer all together and restarting it (restar...

[Need Help] Choosing between two platforms...

Hey guys I am wondering if you can help me decide what is a better long term option on two platforms I have that I cannot make a decision on.System 1 = 9900K + ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI EXTREME Z390or System 2 = 3700X + (Not purchased yet X470 / X570 mothe...

ITAngel by Level 7
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C7H + 3800X doesn't start - code F9

Hi!I have some problem with my C7H (wifi) and 3800X - I instaled new BIOS 2801, instaled new ryzen, and it doesn't boot.Screen display only colorfull artefacts, and motherboard display F9 code. BIOS is in default settings - after instal. The same set...

Shotem by Level 7
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BIOS Flashback not working

Not sure what's going on, but BIOS flashback on my Crosshair VI Hero is completely borked. It won't install any BIOS i throw at it. I've tried several, renamed it to C6H.CAP and nothing, get 3 flashes and then a steady on screen for the BIOS button e...