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VII WiFi 3200mhz+ only working in slot A2/B2?

So,I finally figured out why I couldnt run above 3200mhz. I had the 3200C14D from G skill first installed in A1/B1 and couldn't get above 3066 no matter what I tried. I then read a reply on a Asus Maximus board where one said to use A2/B2 as that one...

3900X + CH7 WIFI + 2703 = BCLK can't stay at 100

@Shamino, 3900X + CH7 WiFi + BIOS 2703 = BCLK nevers stays at 100 even if manually set. HWiNFO says it's 98.8 and memory is 1581 (rather than 1600) and AIDA says 99.4 and 1590 memory. Auto and Default result in the same thing. In the BIOS it says 100...

loinad by Level 7
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My experience with C7H UEFI 2406 & R5 3600

Last update: 10/07/19 16:00 UK BSTI have a C7H given to me by ASUS at launch. It has had 3x 2700X used on it and lost count how many UEFI flashes I have done testing things. It is also the early board which has bugged chipset voltage readout in SW mo...

gupsterg by Level 13
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c6h ok for ryzen 3000 or upgrade to x570?

i have a crosshair vi hero with a 3700x, am i losing any of the cpus capacity or function by staying on x370?i came across a couple articles from amd and they mentioned x470 and x570 will be compatible and x370 will get beta bioses, which sounds to m...

Latest Official BIOS images for C6E contain malware?

Hello,I always use the official ASUS site for driver and BIOS image downloads then upload the driver or BIOS files to for scanning just in case. For...

R5Eandme by Level 12
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