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I got my new mobo and cpu I'll tell you a funny story

I just replaced my crosshair vi hero and Ryzen 7 1800x with Crosshair viii hero and Ryzen 9 3950x when I got it all done I tried to start it up nothing happens I worked on it for two hours trying to find out why. then after searching for a long time,...

CCD OC in bios CH8

Hi guys, I can achive a 4.4 all core OC on my 3900x but am wanting to OC each ccd , now i can see it will boot up to 4.55 when on oe settings and PBO enabled so my guess is thats the good chips max OC ??? Why is there 2 settings in each ccd in the ...

caveo by Level 7
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Crosshair VI DRAM overclocking data

This thread might help you with settings for your memory modules or picking sticks when buying into the platform. Note that this list is reported by C6H users and are not official recommendations.DRAM overclocking data collectionCheck out the list he...

elmor by Level 10
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Crosshair VII Hero with USB C docks

Hi all,I am trying to get a CH7 to play nice with a HP USB C Dock (G5), but the monitors do not work. All other USB peripherals connected to the dock are working, but not the monitors.CH7 on BIOS v3004 and Windows 10 x64HP USB Dock with latest firmwa...

Crosshair VII Wifi nvme RAID setup

Hey,I was looking for a new nvme drive for my build and ran across this video showing nvme raid setup on this mobo.This inspired me to pick this motherboard up and grab a couple of nvme drives. problem i...

Crosshair VIII Hero x570 NVME Raid?

From what I'm reading in the documentation on the Crosshair VIII Hero x570, one NVME m.2 port is owned by the cpu, and one is owned by the chipset. I can't find anything in the documentation that leads me to believe that this board supports Creating ...