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scratch on my motherboard (prime b560m a)

I find some scratch on back of my motherboard, how much is it serious. right now, I don't have a CPU to test the motherboard. sorry for my is the photo with higher resolution.

mahmhr by Level 8
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Long boot time on Strix b450-f gaming II

Hi, need help with configure boot time. I have strix b450-f gaming II motherboard. My PC boot about 18-25sec and it's ok for me, BUT it's work only if PSU power on, I have a UPS and I power off it when I shut down my PC (I'm from Ukraine, and as you ...

B550-I Gaming Crash with 4080 in Gen4 mode

So I wanted to post this for the Asus mobo engineers. I've had my ROG Strix B550-I Gaming motherboard for almost a year and it's been great with a 1070 Ti card. I recently upgraded to a Gigabyte RTX 4080 Gaming OC 16GB card and have had regular cra...

JamesK1 by Level 8
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X570 E gaming Latest Bios boot issue

Since updating to 4408 (I think that is the correct number), PC still booting fine, but when I push the power button everything turns on, aura lights, all fans, and about 1 second passes everything shuts off, 3-4 second pause then it starts as normal...

TUF GAMING X570-PRO WIFI II - Want To Download Drivers?

Hi everyone,I am upgrading to this motherboard (TUF GAMING X570-PRO WIFI II) in the next week or so and want to download the most recent drivers. The ones on the ASUS site are outdated.I would like to download directly from the manufacturers sites bu...

swerd by Level 7
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AMD fTpm not working correctly

Hello,I have latest amd chipset drivers, bios, windows 11 dev buildPc spec's.Crosshair VIII HeroAmd Ryzen 5800XI get this error in event viewer i have freezes, crashed and stuttering troughout the day due to this multiple times a day, i have tried ev...

xcr89 by Level 7
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Dark Hero Realtek detects new device

Once or twice a day, Realtek Audio console would popup with "Which device did you plug in?" and the audio will cut out until I hit ok. Turning off the "Enable auto popup dialog" in the Realtek Audio Control app does not help as the sound still cuts o...

Asus Rog Crosshair viii Dark Hero Motherboard issues.

Hi everyone.I have just started to get back in to pc building after a Few years break, so much has changed!I am starting to have issues with screen flickering on wake up and also the displays turning off with the PC on and the Q Code reading 00 .......

ady1 by Level 7
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