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VIII HERO Problem f9

Good MorningI have some new pieces I bought last weekrayzen 9 3800, Asus ROG CROSSHAIR VIII HERO (WI-FI), Corsair Vengeance ddr4 3200Everything worked fine was just one problem I encountered from the beginningThe fact that i connect the displayport i...

Crosshair VII hero wifi build with ryzen 3600

hi! i need help! i want to build pc with crosshair vii hero wifi and ryzen 3600! my questions is which rgb 16gb ram by g.skill is compatible? and with working (xmp/DOCP) profile? i have search in support of motherboard for ryzen 3000 series and i am ...

gtsvii by Level 7
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Rog x470 F Fan problem

So i have this motherboard for a while now, by couple week randomly my fan stop raise speed till i restart the system or open some control software like HWinfo64 Im the only one whit this problem?Latest bios already tried reflash etc

Filters by Level 9
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Asus Secure Erase not good

Asus Secure Erase didnt work. Every time I used it Windows 10 64 bit wouldnt install properly (if at all). I finally used Samsung Magician to erase my SSD drive but Asus SSD erase tool was terrible for me. I suggest avoiding it.

Skylab by Level 9
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ROG X570-E-Gaming DOA/DEAD/BRICK board

Hello so currently purchased this board.I have done several days of testing now.Black screen after 1 single reboot.Bios has been re flashed multiple times via the manual method (motherboard came with 1005 version installed)

wazer2 by Level 8
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