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Hello .I have a C8V Bios 1302,Ryzen 9 3950X (No Bend pin), RX5700XT, 32gig corsair vengeance.I am unable to run my video card in the upper slot at PCIE 4.0 16XThe card run at PCIE 4.0 8x .All other slot are empty, i have 1 nvme m.2 ssd 1 tb in the u...

fredepf by Level 7
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Crosshair hero VI won't POST

So I bought 2 x 8gb crucial ballitix 3600mhz ram to upgrade my computer from some similar micron ballistix sport 2400mhz. After installing the new ram I was able to boot into the bios and attempt to set the DOCP settings from the ram, it tried to pos...

Protip by Level 7
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Asus Crosshair VI Hero with 3800X temperatures

Hi all,I've just swapped my existing 1800X CPU for a new 3800X on my CH6 Hero board.However the temperature seems to be up in the sky. Previously my 1800X CPU would idle aound 30/34C and under max thread heavy load get as high as 50C (Corsair H110i 2...

FredSAS by Level 7
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CH VIII Hero speaker output device, which to use?

I've been using the "Speakers Realtek Audio" analog output device in the Windows Sound properties Playback tab. I recently noticed (due to other audio devices in the list like headphones and monitors) that there is a second mobo device called "Speak...

flyinion by Level 12
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stutter, lag, Robot voice.... 90% ROG Components

Hey thats my first Post in this forum.First sorry for my english, im from Germany.i Managed to build a new Pc and i got some misteryous problem with it.when i start the Pc, sometime everything is lagging... Mouse, Windows and my Voice becomes like a ...

xverso by Level 7
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x470 or x570

I have a C7H with a 2700X. Is Asus continuing to fully support C7H or is it just limited support? If Asus is only supporting the C7H on a limited basis, should I upgrade to C8H? alucke

I didnt use the BIOSRenamer

I recently downloaded the ROG-CROSSHAIR-VIII-FORMULA-ASUS-1001 BIOS for my ROG Crosshair VIII Formula x570 boardI flashed the file from a USB stick ROG-CROSSHAIR-VIII-FORMULA-ASUS-1001.CAP to my motherboard which seemd to flash fine.HOWEVER i forgot ...