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Crosshair VI X370 Zen 3/Ryzen 4000 support

So we've all seen the news, AMD does not REQUIRE vendors to support 4000 on older boards.But in practice, the 3000 series and older boards, and older CPUs with newer boards saw pretty good compatibility from the vendors.CH6 has 16MB rom, current bios...

Strix 570-E Stuck on Q code 30

Hey everyone, I looked around online and all I could find is people saying this is normal but I'm confused why would it show a code if everything's normal?Like the title suggests, the motherboard is stuck on Q code 30 displaying...Also while I'm here...

Beware of agesa bios not good!

BIOSes with AGESA cautionUsers are reporting that after updating the BIOS to a newer version that has AGESA, the system won’t boot if you have the Xonar card plugged in the motherboard. This happens with other PCI-e cards as well (#...

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USB Hub keeps connecting and disconnecting

See the video below of what's happening.I have been through the RMA process several times in a row because they kept sending me broken motherboards. The original motherboard I RMA'd wouldn't power on at all. The replacement most of the time wouldn't ...


hello all, ive been seem some topics about this matter but not so clarified as it should, could any of you enlighten me :i have a 2700X andd a CROSSHAIR VII HERO should i use latest BIOS or stick with an older one ?

Crosshair VII (X470) Ryzen 4000 BIOS support?

Hi,what's the position of ASUS regarding Ryzen 4000 series support on the Crosshair VII? According to AMD, the reason for not supporting Ryzen 4000 on X470 is lack of BIOS ROM space. This is obviously a non-issue on the Crosshair, as it has 32MB ROM....

B450 and X470 Zen 3 does not support!

AMD, announced that the new Zen 3 processors will only support x570 and B550 motherboards. Obviously when buying this high-end motherboard, my expectation is the possibility of Zen 3 support. In other words, I thought that the last processor it suppo...

RBG Lights turn on, Motherboard does not

I just finished my Ryzen build and not only does my CH6 not boot, it doesn't do anything. No post, no power, no fans, no boot, nothing. The CPU_READY LED is green, the various RGB colors are changing, but no matter what I can't get the power to turn ...