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CH8 WiFi BIOS 2702 vs 2502 - Stability improved ?

I've been running stress tests with the 5900X and 4 sticks of 4000 cl15 RAM on the 2502 for quite a while now with the stable results on 3800 RAM cl 14 and 1900 FCLK with some manually adjusted timings and all cores at 4550 at 1.25 vYesterday I have ...

Bakili by Level 7
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Crosshair VIII Impact Bios Bug from 2311 ++

Hi, i somehow discovered a bug in the Versions above 2311.If i flash any Version above 2311 to the Impact and save something to the Bios on the next boot the debug LED immediatly stucks at 92.It also happens when i dont change anything, simply hit F1...

New CROSSHAIR VIII HERO BIOS (2311) Oct 20 CROSSHAIR VIII HERO BIOS 23111. Updated AMD AM4 AGESA V2 PI PatchB2. Improve system performance and stability3. Improved DRAM compatibility4. Fixed keyboard device...

DAOWAce by Level 9
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Fan tuning rant

My fans have build in fan stop below 500 rpm why is it that i cant tune my fans to go below 20% and they get set to minimum 28% while if i do not tune them 20% works perfectly fine, like why is there a minimum limit anyway put that minimum limit on t...

ROG STRIX X570-E GAMING BIOS 2802 Problems

Hello,one week after I update to 2802 BIOS on ROG STRIX X570-E GAMING, I begin to face pure random resets, no blue screen, just like lost of electricity. Problem begin, when got same problem when PC wake UP from sleep. I try different PSU and differ...

5600x and ROG B550-f Causing FAUX fps drops

I also posted elsewhere but it seems appropriate here. I am getting what looks like FPS drops, but they aren't. 5600xROG Strix B550 I am monitoring my FPS using MSI AB and in game FPS counter. My FPS remains stable at 143 while stuttering and what lo...

ANY7980 by Level 7
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