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Bad memory slots in x470 prime pro?

Level 7
sorry if you saw this in the x470 owner's thread, but I was having a ton of blue screens when windows tried to do automatic repairs and shut itself down. After shutting down i was unable to POST. after alot of trouble shooting i tested out all 4 of my memory sticks and noticed that these 2 RAM slots, B1 and B2 prevent the computer from posting if a memory card is inserted in them. So if any memory stick is present in any one of these slots, then my PC is useless. This is frustrating because i am downgraded to 16GB single channel from 32GB dual channel. What the hell is going on? the pins look fine. this must be some sort of BIOS corruption or glitch? I am on BIOS 5806 or 5809? The attached image shows the configuration that works. the exposed slots are the ones that cause issues.