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B550-F Wifi: Bluetooth issues.

Level 7
I have two of these motherboards, with rev 1.03 and the Bluetooth always seems to cut in and out badly on my Echo Dot (3rd Gen) as a bluetooth speaker. Other times when I try resetting up bluetooth speakers it may work for a while, but have a one or two second delay,

I also have an Asus BT400 USB Bluetooth adapter. At first, I just plus in the usb adapter and install the drivers for it off the website and asks for a reboot, so upon on reboot it seems to work for a while. Ten it seems to resync to the MB Bluetooth and starts with the cutting in and out continuously again.

Is there a simple way to fix this issue? It happens if I set it up on either system (gaming rig and Video recording rig).

My rig has a Ryzen 5700G, 16GB RAM, integrated graphic of 5700G. I installed latest drivers from AMD. and or Asus.