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B550 F Rog strix wifi Crashing in games. technical service problem.

Level 7
As an old Asus user, I chose it again in the new system change. Motherboard was crashing in games. I did a bios update without posting. I couldn't find a solution. I sent it for service. Couldn't find a problem and updated the bios. A new one was offered after I made it. Even though I requested an exchange and return report as a defective product, they did not take action. The product has arrived. I opened it, what can I see? The PCI express tab is broken. I sent it again. I wanted change. nail changed.
If there is an Asus official on the forum, can they explain it to me? There is a product with a faulty production, so it will not be enough to make an exchange. Don't worry. Your service in Turkey harms your brand quality. But you continue to work. The company name is SMS Infocom. Your old service Cizgi Elektronik ltd. my old card is z68. headphone socket is broken in audio jack. It is impossible not to be surprised by the change from a service that changes it for the sake of customer satisfaction without a fee to a service that does not accept errors.
I will stop using Asus after this incident. I will get my refund by applying to the consumer rights committee. I lost my trust in the brand because they didn't give a change report. Sorry