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B450F Gaming White LED, Speeker beeps

Level 7


I am troubling for some weeks now with my PC and dont know what to do.

It started with random freezes, following by random shutdowns. it came to the White LED issue and an endless Windows Auto. repair loop. the speeker beeps 1 long, 3 short. display stays black. in 1 out of 3 PC boots corretly but VGA LED keeps on.

My System

  • b450 f gaming
  • r7 2700x
  • 2x 8gb Gskill Jipsaw
  • Vega56 / RX 6700 XT
  • 500W beQuiet Pure Power 11

Here is a list what i tried:

  • Reset SSD and reinstalled Windows
  • Reset BIOS settings
  • CMOS reset
  • tried another GPU and another PCI 
  • ran with only 8 GB in different slots
  • memtest86 No Errors
  • prime95 No Errors
  • CMS, Above 4G, RBar
  • BIOS is updated
  • tried HDMI and other Monitor

with the new GPU the system runs stable. No random crashes. but still VGA LED and beeps. Next i would check is the PSU.

Any Idea?