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Aura LED won't turn off after BIOS update

Level 8

Just updated my ROG Crosshair VIII Hero to the latest BIOS 4805 (posted today) and now my AURA LED on the motherboard won't completely turn off. Even if I have them set to completely off in the BIOS there's still a green glow to the "HERO" lettering. This was working fine before the BIOS update, I even tried reflashing the BIOS but the issue persists.


Does ASUS have recommendation if we should stay with current version or roll back to prior? I am worried about it breaking something vs. aesthetic. 

any update?

I just visited the downloads page for the Crosshair VIII Dark Hero and there is not anything on the BIOS and Firmware page. There isn't even any of the previous BIOS releases listed. It's just empty. Why do I get the feeling ASUS is abandoning us?

not sure if something changed but i just visited again and see all bios. 

Level 7

Same issue here updated to BIOS 4805 and my rog logo is green. ASUS ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero.

Level 8

same here

Level 9

Hi @MasterC (or anybody else who might know, for that matter),

Is there any information whether this LED BIOS issue affects other X570 or B550 motherboards (e.g. Prime X570-P and TUF GAMING B550M-PLUS WiFi II), or is it limited to the Hero/Dark Hero series?

I own both Dark Hero, Prime X570-P and TUF GAMING B550M-PLUS WiFi II motherboards. I've decided to withhold version 4805 update on the Dark Hero until this gets resolved. Should I also wait on version 5013 for the Prime X570-P and version 3607 on the TUF GAMING B550M-PLUS WiFi II, or are these unaffected?



Level 9

Hello Dark Hero here.
Green light on motherboard perma ON since last bios update.
Can you fix it please ? VERY annoying when computer is in bedroom (like 99.9% of gamers you know...) 

Level 8

I've gone into the ERP section, I have put +4+5 which is the energy and now when I turn off the computer turns off everything, yes, also turns off the USB, until they get new bios to solve the problem that, AA another thing that option does not get along very well with the Windows quick start, then when you hit the power button takes a while to boot, but it is normal with that option on.


The other option is when you turn off the computer is also turn off the power supply, but that the battery does not like much to say xd.


Or go back to the previous settings.

And sorry for my English

Level 7

Yeah, someone else with the same stuck LEDs under the ROG logo. Come on guys, this just looks like amateur hour.