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Aura LED won't turn off after BIOS update

Level 8

Just updated my ROG Crosshair VIII Hero to the latest BIOS 4805 (posted today) and now my AURA LED on the motherboard won't completely turn off. Even if I have them set to completely off in the BIOS there's still a green glow to the "HERO" lettering. This was working fine before the BIOS update, I even tried reflashing the BIOS but the issue persists.



Hello Gelial

In the bios, Advanced tab, Onboard Devices Configuration, change the setting the yellow arrow is pointing to, to "Stealth Mode". 

This should get the led's to turn off when your pc is off. (Ignore the red setting)

stealth mode.png

Thank you for your prompt reply! I tried your steps, but the issue is still ongoing. The "HERO" lettering on the MOBO stays on with a green glow even with the computer off. I'm attaching a picture.


For whatit's worth, I have the same issue with my ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero (WiFi). I tried all of the possible fixes mentioned in this thread and none of them worked. I rolled back to the previous BIOS version 4702.

Level 8


I should add that I had tried setting that option to just completely OFF, instead of Stealth Mode, and the issue is the same. Before the BIOS update, this wasn't an issue, and setting that setting in BIOS to AURA OFF would work fine.

Even if I just try to turn AURA off completely (set  "When system is in working state" to AURA OFF) the green glow is still there.


All right,

If Stealth Mode didn't work, try enabling ErP Ready (S4+S5).

In the bios, Advanced tab, APM Configuration, set ErP Ready = Enable (S4+S5).

Does this get the led's to turn off when your pc is off?

ErP Ready.png


This worked! It does power off the "HERO" when the computer is off if I enable ErP ready S4+S5. However, I think we can both agree that I shouldn't have to do all these extra steps just to get the AURA LEDs to turn off, especially if the MOBO has a setting for it.

Will this be fixed in a future update? Also, what drawbacks do I have if I leave ErP ready to enabled S4+S5? I would prefer to leave it in DISABLED as it was before.


There are no drawbacks with ErP Ready enabled, it's just a power saving feature to turn off the led's.

I may be overlooking it as you can set a shutdown effect in Armoury Crate for your motherboard.

You can try turning off the shutdown effect.

shutdown effect.png




I don't want to use Armoury Crate for something that I should be able to do in the BIOS, especially if the BIOS has a setting for it. Will this be fixed in a future BIOS update? I would like to be able to turn off my AURA LEDs without having to enable ErP Ready (the way it was working before the BIOS update). I repeat, if the board offers me that as an option, it should work, especially on a board that has a premium price. Don't you agree?

Level 9

Known bug ASUS ignored during beta testing.

Taken from user reelmccoy on

With 4805 on a Crosshair VIII WIFI, anybody notice the LED(s) behind the "E" and "R" in the "HERO" i/o cover is stuck green. Noticed more if Stealth is enabled which should turn them off. Saw this with a 4803 test version, reported it and see the same thing in 4805. The LEDs appear stuck green so will throw off default effects or things applied with SignalRGB.

The BIOS is only supposed to fix a security issue, as per a Chinese thread:

120B fixes a critical vulnerability in the Zen3 architecture, and 120C fixes a critical vulnerability in the Zen2 architecture, both of which are register data leaks during speculative execution.

Why this broke, and why ASUS pushed it through QA, is beyond me.

I don't mean to sound rude, but I can't help the way people interpret my words.