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ASUS X570-P weird startup behaviour

Level 7
Greetings all,

I have recently built a 3700x machine using the X570-P mobo.
Everything has been running like a dream and bang for buck the X570-P has been great.

However when I turn the PC on I get this odd behaviour where it starts, runs for 2 seconds then shuts off.
Then without touching it it starts again, runs for 2 seconds then shuts off.

This may repeat 2-3 times then it starts as per normal.

Just shooting from the hip here to see if anyone else has seen this sort of behaviour.*

Level 12
Welcome to the forums.

Can you provide the RAM specifications please make/model ?

It is RAM training issue. We need to establish why.
What slots do you have the ram installed in as well.

And we will see if we can get this sorted.

Hi RedSector thanks for the assist.

Its DDR4 2 x 16GB 3200MHz Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro.

I have the ram installed in slot 2 and 4 as recommened in the manual.

Here is a screen cap from CPUz of slot 2, 4 is of course identical.


Level 40
Have you set XMP? (DOCP)

Maybe set DRAM voltage to 1.35 (or try 1.365) manually...set 1.1v SOC

Hello Arne,

Yes I have D.O.C.P set for DDR4-3200
DRAM Voltage is set to 1.35000 (its in yellow so the D.O.C.P profile has set that I'm guessing)
SOC is set to Auto but the box to the left shows it set to 1.100VÂ*

Level 40
Hmmm...well I've seen a lot of probs with these kits...

You could try one stick at a time and see if one of them is dodgy....assuming they are OK...
You can try raising DRAM voltage..1.375 even to 1.4v....try bumping SOC voltage to 1.125...1.15...or changing timings to 18-18-18

Arne Saknussemm wrote:
Hmmm...well I've seen a lot of probs with these kits...

So true, Corsair used to be my go to RAM, won't touch the stuff anymore.

If Arne suggestion don't help, you could also try Ryzen Dram Calculator

cheers guys I'll have a tinker and let you know if it fixes my issue.

Hi guys sorry for the late reply.
So DRAM voltage set to 1.38000 fixed my issue, solid as a rock now.

Thank you very much for the assist.