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Asus VII Dark Hero Ryzen 5950x Freezing, Reboots.

Level 7

I have a Ryzen 9 5950x paired with an ASUS VII Dark Hero x570  64GB DDR4 SDRAM. After no issues for years, I recently upgraded to Windows 11 and started facing constant reboots as well as freezes causing a complete hard power restart.

Troubleshooting Efforts: 

  • disabled "C-State"
  • turned off Fmax enhancer
  • set PBO limits to Motheboard
  • removed all overclocks, reflashed bios. 
  • changed DRAM Voltages 
  • Changed Power settings in Windows

Nothing seems to work....The odd thing is under load, stress testing or playing a game I have no issues...I have read through the forums and have noticed a multitude of users with similar issues, however all steps throughout the forums have not provided a resolution for my case...Hoping someone has some input to share. 


Level 9

Any WHEA errors recorded in event log?

Normally I'd just blame Windows 11 for everything, which I still do, but my friend recently had a similar issue and it turned out his CPU was defective.

I don't mean to sound rude, but I can't help the way people interpret my words.