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Asus TUF Gaming X570-Pro (Wi-Fi) PCH Fan Monitor

Level 7
When I enable DOCP for my memory the PCH fan speed monitor in the BIOS changes from the online value to N/A. Only when DOCP is on. If left at default so that my memory is not running at peak speed it stays online. Anyone else have this - this happens with BIOS 3001 and 3405. The fan is obviously running since the PCH temp is fine - around 48-50C.

I also have the Asus ROG Strix X570-E board where if DOCP is set the PCH fan value works normally and shows up in Windows with AIDA64, etc.

All memory is on the QVL list.

Level 9
Same issue here x570 E gaming. 3405 has mean that I cannot control the chipset fan (was formally called the M.2 fan in the bios but now it's called the PCH fan in the bios but the problem is - fan control in bios or fan xpert in windows says N/A over the M.2 fan and won't let me adjust the PCH fan speed!)

I've submitted it as a problem to asus I'd advise you raise a ticket to ensure they fix this in the next bios.

Level 7
Tried resetting all values to default but PCH FAN still shows as NA.

Level 7
Turns out that the fan isn't even running. Presumably there's some setting so it does not start if the PCH temp is low (mine is 48C and never goes over 51C). I can't find that anywhere in the BIOS though.