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ASUS TUF GAMING X570-PLUS WIFI HDD-led and PowerON-led stopped working

Level 7
Hi forum!

I wanted to post the problem but could solve it, it may sound strange... anyway will post it so it might help somebody with the same strange problem.

Recently I noticed the case poweron and hdd leds wont light up... so I started to check.
Cables connected, right position postitive/negative.
Tested the leds in another motherboard, they light up right.

I talked to a Asus Support someone asking if he could tell me the precise voltage I should get from motherboard pins when activated, ie poweron led should be fixed voltage, and hdd led might change cause it turns on/off. Well the Asus Support guy didnt knew, so I test another Asus motherboard I had, could test hdd led I got between 5 and 6 volts. Could not test poweron (because just solved the problem)

As strange as it might sound... I decided to reset CMOS first, and then I realized there was a BIOS update TUF-GAMING-X570-PLUS-WIFI-ASUS-4022.ZIP (I had the previous release TUF-GAMING-X570-PLUS-WIFI-ASUS-4021.ZIP)

So, lest try! cleared cmos, updated BIOS... walla... the leds started working again!

So how is it possible to shutdown poweron led and hdd led from "somewhere"? didnt know it even was possible... but, here I am...

It is that or it is pure luck and some motheboard tracks are going to dead... but I touched, pressed gently the contacts so if there is a bad motherboard welding I might show led going off/on, but no... it works fine now!

Thanks for reading, hope it helps!

Level 7

I had the same issue, but knew that I had just changed the LED settings in the BIOS.
Under PCI Config there is "LED lighting". If you set "When system is in working state" to "Stealth Mode", then all LEDs are off.
See screenshot: