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ASUS TUF Gaming X570 Plus - new build questions

Level 7

Just about to start my 2nd build and wanted to check a few things if possible?

What is the most up-to-date BIOS that is required. IE that you should have for security, performance etc. I don't need the very latest and many people say the later ones can impact negatively. The box states Ryzen 5000 Desktop ready, so the 5600X should be fine.

I downloaded the Drivers from the website, but then I saw getting Chipset etc from AMD is better. I am not sure which ones to use for the RAID/SATA though. This is what they look like in the folder. The AMD website seems to have 2 different things:

Lastly, is the order to install Chipset, Sata, LAN then Audio? And is the AI Suite recommended as well?

Thanks for any answers.

Level 7
I only installed the amd chipset software and the graphics driver AMD/Nvidia depending on which card you use. At some Asus motherboards you need to install the network driver from the Asus support page. If you will use the onboard sound maybe you have to install the sound driver too. I don't know ths atm because I'm using a Creative soundcard seperatly. I'll never used a Raid/Sata driver.

Level 7
I should maybe clarify. I thought the RAID drivers were the SATA drivers as well. Are the SATA drivers included in the Chipset package?