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Asus Strix X470-F Gaming owners thread

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Hello guys, I am starting this thread for all Stix X470-F owners to discuss their overclock settings, issues etc. So that everyone get help quickly in a organised way. Installed my old 1600x in this mobo with 4011 bios and flareX 3200 with default docp and it works just fine without any issues so far. One thing to mention The board pushes 1.15v soc default docp profile. Is it normal seems a bit high for me as I have upgraded from B350-F gaming.
However a small issue I believe, the asus lighting control is not behaving normal. I mean just after login to windows it is taking a bit time to start (5min) before that if I try to on Lighting Control by clicking it, program crash window appears after few seconds. But when it starts on it's own then I can open asus lighting control. Anyone experiencing similar issue???
Also tried to use older version.
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Alex0915 wrote:
What is the 5950X good for? I run multiple programs at the same time across two screens, sometimes two 3D sims at the same time, one on each screen. One of them, Space Engine, is a real power guzzler.

Is 32 GB the sweet spot for this board and that new cpu? I don't see many people going to 64 GB or even trying 128 GB.

For Cinema 4D, DaVinci Resolve or if you Game and Stream at the same time for example, I've looked into Space Engine it's GPU rather than CPU heavy you're probably limited by your 1060 there. You could try to run 64GB, I don't know why it shouldn't work.

Alex0915 wrote:
Should this be downloaded on a 2700x?

Well.. In my case.. it wasn't a great option.. I mean.. everything is running ok.. but it doesn't fix my TPM problems.. because even reseating the CPU didn't bring that option up..

Hi guys, I'm trying to OC my RAM for the first time following the "DDR4 OC Guide" by integralfx on GitHub and I'm having trouble finding the VDDG IOD and VDDG CCD voltage settings in BIOS. It does not appear under "Ai Tweaker" and I've tried looking elsewhere but cannot find it at all. I'm running BIOS 6042 with a 5700G. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Level 7
As an aside, in some motherboard or windows update, I lost the ability to Hibernate my computer. I can only set it to Sleep mode but even when I do that it turns off. The option to Hibernate or even Hybrid mode is completely gone and I used the guides that are supposed to turn it on but none of them work, the option simply isn't there anymore like it used to be.

Level 9
Hi Everyone, I'm having some issues with all the USB 3.XX ports on my motherboard and front pannel. None of them are working apart from the USB 2.0 ports.... PAIN!
Does anyone encounter the same issue and is there a way to solve it? I have all USB drivers up to date and can't seem to find the Asmedia USB 3.1 Driver anymore from asus website.

Thanks in advance for your help All

Hi, I haven't answered earlier because the forum didn't let me a couple of days ago. You can get the driver here, I haven't tried the driver on Windows 11 I'm still running Windows 10.

About the new BIOS

I'm on it right now, it seems to work without a problem I haven't done any benchmarks to compare it to the previous one.

Thanks! I finallyfixed the issues with USB drivers using driver booster

Level 9

Hi Everyone the new bios is finally out


Anyone tried it out yet?

Level 7

Hey guys. I'm helping my little brother out optimizing his x470-f + 3700x and upgrading his GPU to my old 3080 FE. I already updated to latest bios (6063) and clean installed a fresh windows 11.

I'm not familiar with the x470, any Asus bios or the 3700x. What settings should I make sure to check to get the most out of the processor and other hardware? I only enabled XMP profile for the memory while I research other settings.

The memory is dual rank Samsung B-die so I should be able to optimize it to run higher mhz and lower timings. Does x470 support running at 3600 or even 3800mhz if the memory sticks allow that? I'm going to follow the integralfx ddr4 overclocking guide but wanted to know what limitations the x470 might have.

Current temps are pretty decent but I might swap the case out too with some PWM fans if the 3080 FE ends up running too hot in this one.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated!

You did the right thing activating XPM in the bios,  myself i've OC @3800 and infinity fabric at 1800 with 3200 speed memory so you should be able to boost your samsung by the same amount without issues, make sure you have PBO auto activated. You could also use negative offset on your CPU core to lower your temps a bit. 
I recommend also deactivating Fast boot, it messes with drivers and can get your windows corrupted, recommend turning it off in both the bios and windows.