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Asus Strix X470-F Gaming owners thread

Level 9
Hello guys, I am starting this thread for all Stix X470-F owners to discuss their overclock settings, issues etc. So that everyone get help quickly in a organised way. Installed my old 1600x in this mobo with 4011 bios and flareX 3200 with default docp and it works just fine without any issues so far. One thing to mention The board pushes 1.15v soc default docp profile. Is it normal seems a bit high for me as I have upgraded from B350-F gaming.
However a small issue I believe, the asus lighting control is not behaving normal. I mean just after login to windows it is taking a bit time to start (5min) before that if I try to on Lighting Control by clicking it, program crash window appears after few seconds. But when it starts on it's own then I can open asus lighting control. Anyone experiencing similar issue???
Also tried to use older version.
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Yes, it's certainly a case of wrong readings from the board (a bios issue I guess), my room temp should be around 25º and I'm using LLC 2 for manual OC.
If you google a bit you will find more users with the same issue on Asus as on the other brands' boards, I would love to have another way of measuring the temps I'm almost certain it's a bios thing, under load if I touch the back of the board the CPU area is not that hot, the board VRM is way hotter.

This board with 4011 is so buggy (default bios when i bought it). Random reboots even when OCCT large 1h shows nothing. This happens even when I don't have cpu-z or hwinfo up. VTTDDR changes in bios not registering so it defaults to 0.6v. I cant find some secondary memory timings in bios so I suspect they are missing. B-die ram is unable to run 3200-16-16.

I'm gonna try 4008 to see if its any better. Really disappointed at bios stability and lack of overclocking settings.

superspeed wrote:
Just built my sytem with specs below:

The problem i have with this system is the random micro stutter/hang/freeze for maybe 10 seconds and it will be normal after that. it doest happen often but it does when i am playing games. Just wondering if anyone is having these kinds of issues.

I am experiencing a similar issue. Sometimes the system just hangs in both desktop and games, but in a very strange way. When happens on desktop usually the sound still works, video playback may or may not continue, mouse usually works (on desktop). Windows acknowledges clicks (button flashes) but does not execute them. In games graphics are usually still rendered (i.e. I see a fire burning) and sound is working but can't control movement with mouse. In both cases after a couple of seconds (around 10) everything goes back to normal. The thing is very sporadic. Sometimes happens right after the boot up, sometimes a while later, sometimes not at all. When things get back to normal windows acknowledges all the past clicks - so when things normalize it can open 10 explorer or firefox windows. So system kinda takes it slow.

When this happens I see the processor's activity go to 0 (or almost 0) in all or most of the cores. This started happening with the revamp of the system which now consists of:
Asus x470F Strix (new)
AMD Ryzen 2600 (new)
G.Skill F4-3200C15D-16GTZSW 2x8 GB (should be Samsung B-dye) (new)
CoolerMaster Hyper 212-EVO (existing)
Sapphire R9-290 Trixx
Crucial MX500 500G SSD (new)
Crucial BX300 250G SSD (existing)
Corsair 80Gold 650W PS (existing)

So it is a mixed bag of old/new components. Never had these issues on the ols system. Fresh windows 10 install, all latest updates. XMP profile loaded for RAM - MemTest86 passes without issues. Removed the Ryzen balanced power option in Windows. CPU nicely cooled all the time (temps 62 degrees max under very heavy load, GPU similar (72 degrees top). Suspecting board/cpu or maybe XMP issues.

Any suggestions apart disabling XMP? Could it be something else? It is quite annoying.

Level 7
With CPU temps reporting all over the place I resorted to putting my Water pump in the CPU fan slot, since I am using a fixed speed pump, Q-Fan always thinks the CPU fan is running at 3800 rpm. Then all the other fans use T_Sensor1 for the trigger, which is attached to a radiator plug at one end of my top radiator. The water temp is so much more stable than CPU temp that my fans only ramp up as the water temp climbs. And apparently Asus still can't figure out the Ryzen 2xxx Tctl should read 10°C lower than it does currently!

I am using 4011 but not haveing the same DDR4 issues others are seeing, and I have dual-rank Samsung B-die running at 3200 CAS14, which should be much harder to achieve than single-rank B-die.

Let me add that I am running the RAM at 2T and 1.38v. Samsung is good to about 1.7 or 1.8v on air so well within the safety zone for voltages.
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Asus put a new BIOS for X370 few days ago, so we should get an update as well soon. 🙂

Crowzer wrote:
Asus put a new BIOS for X370 few days ago, so we should get an update as well soon. 🙂

where i could not find this update is it for rog strix x370 ????

Bios 4008 much more stable for me. I still have issues with VTTDDR not registering (at least not showing up as its bios value in AI Suite).

I must be honest, for gaming manual OC on the 2700x is not the best option, if you want to play games XFR is the way to go, games run so smooth and with way better frames.

ahmad_aljallad wrote:
where i could not find this update is it for rog strix x370 ???? ?