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Asus Strix B550-F Gaming WIFi II BIOS 2803 CPU temp / Fan speed issue

Level 7

I recently built a new system, specs below:

Asus B550-F Gaming WiFi II
AMD 5700G
Corsair 2x32gb 3600 MHz RAM
Samsung 980 pro 1tb ssd
Seasonic PSU

anyway, after testing the system would boot properly i updated the bios from 0305 to 2803. I though all was well after installing windows 10, then upgrading it to 11 as this is a new system. During system use however, i noticed that after a while the cpu fan stopped changing speed. I investigated this and found after a while (sometimes 30 minutes sometimes much longer) that the cpu, and cpu package temperatures read from hwinfo64 stopped updating, and as they stopped updating so did the fan speed not change. so if the system was idle when this happened the cpu fans don't increase speed when the cpu is put under load. I know CPU's and motherboards have protections to stop overheating but i'm surprised the bios was released with this issue.

I know this is a bios issue because it doesn't happen with the previous bios version 2604. I did some research and haven't found many reports of this anywhere. I have no idea how to report this issue to asus, but putting it here will atleast find if others have had this problem.