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ASUS ROG X570-F Gaming Chipset cooler screw distance

Level 8

I want to replace the very annoying (and besides unnecessary) fan.

In best case I need a technical drawing of the mainboard, at least from the chipset part. A sketch would to it too.

I need the chipset die size and the screw hole distance.

I would do it by myself but I got a water cooling system and the dissamble of my mainboard would be very painful. I want to remove it not until I get the proper cooler. I think about a water cooling block or a passive block.
Something like this Alphacool HF 14 or the Noctua NC-U6.

Thank you.

Level 8
Pictures attached.

The screw hole distance is
~ 50mm (diameter)
~ 25mm (hole-to-hole short distance)
~ 43mm (hole-to-hole long distance - calculated, actually forgot to take a picture)

Hole diameter: ~3mm

The Alphacool HF14 fits. I would recommend to use the straight-bracket (not the "wings") and install it at an angle, not diagonal to the edges of the board. If you don't do this you block your PCIeX16_1 slot with the screws. Maybe you can use other screws than the ones provided.

I got a 1-slot GTX1070 watercooled card and couldn't mount it. I wanted to install it anyways vertically with a raiser card, so no problem for me.

Probably you will block your PCIeX1_1 slot, if the card is too long, like my SoundBlaster. I have to install it at the PCIeX1_2 slot. Therefor you must consider the height of your m.2-cooler. You got about 5mm between the card and the chips on the m.2 SSD. Coolers that fit:
EK-M.2 NVMe Heatsink - Black (tested, installed)
Alphacool HDX - M.2 SSD M01 - 80mm - Schwarz (tested)
Aqua Computer kryoM.2 micro (53247) (not tested)

My chipset now stays at water temp around 30 degree celcius (ambient temperature). Plus/Minus same as before but quiet.

BTW: This forum software sucks ass.
1. Black background is pain for the eyes.
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