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ASUS ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Series Beta BIOS 3702

Level 10

Level 7
Thank you for posting this. I always wish we had patch notes beyond "Bug Fixes." I'll have to get around to giving this a shot. My board runs great at 4000 MCLK and 2000 FCLK with just 32GB RAM (4 DIMMS Trident Z Royal 4000), but it simply won't have it with 64GB of RAM. Maybe this might have what's missing.

Level 9
Memory frequencies and voltage issues are still available as previously version. Please fix that and update to Agesa Patch b as your competitors

Level 7
Do this Beta fixes the USB connectivity issue?

Level 7
With this bios version my dark hero is not detecting my fan connected to the HAMP pins for some reason it seems to be random some times it doesn't and sometimes it does after a restart. CPU is acting weird since 3601 getting weird lockups/restarts and Nvidia drivers crashes, no WHEA errors, if I go back to previous Bios version this all seems to be fixed. Any Ideas?

RAM si manually set for each bios version, I have run many stress tests on my RAM for each bios version without a single error.
Most of the time, it is my nvidia drivers crashing and recovering changed my power supply with an equally powerful one but it does the same thing.

Also: PLL 1.8v+ is reporting around 1.76~
All mobo settings are stock for the CPU and mobo, only Ram settings have been modified atm.

Dark Hero
32GB Gskill F4-4000C18D-16GTZR @ 3600 cl16 1.38v
RTX 3080
Corsair RM1000i 80+ Gold