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Asus ROG STRIX X570 F Updating question - Is 3001 necessary before 4021?

Level 7

I have a Rog Strix x570 -f since 2019 and has been working fine, so I've never bothered to update with the idea of "If it ain't broken, don't fix it", as such, I'm still on a very outdated version, bios 0807 (which I think is not even on the website, closest is 0804).

Ever since I upgraded from an AMD RX 580 to an Nvidia 3070Ti however, I've been having annoying display port and sound issues on Oculus Rift S.
Doing a quick research I've found out that it might be related to Ryzen energy issues (I have a 3700x) + mobo usbs not delivering enough power, and since I saw that AMD released a fix for that in august, I wanted to jump to the last version for that stability that might potentially solve this issue.

In the Bios' EZ Flash utility, I tried to update through internet, not USB, and it has found version 3001, which would be the version that introduced support for ryzen 5000s and onwards.

My question is, since the updater didn't find the last version but rather a 1 year old version, is it necessary to update to that first and then to 4021 after the first bios update, or can i use an usb and jump straight to 4021 from 0807?

It's my first time updating a bios ever so I'm a bit afraid of the process and really wanna make sure that I'm doing it right, thank you very much.