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Asus ROG STRIX X570-E gaming wifi post code 4d

Level 7

So I’ve been running this motherboard since 2020 and been running with a 3700x and 32GB of Corsair dominator rgb. About a month ago I upgraded to a 5800x3d and for 3 weeks everything was perfect but starting this week my pc will lock up forcing me to do a hard reset at which point the cpu debug light will hang and I get the 4d post code, only thing that can get me out of this state is reseating the cpu not even resetting cmos works. I’ve gone through and checked the socket and cpu for debris and damage as well as reseating the gpu and ram but it keeps happening. Is my motherboard dying or is it my cpu or am I missing something else? 


Level 10

Hmm..latest bios?

Yep running all latest bios and drivers 

I'd roll back to prev version. Amount of times that's fixed something for me is unreal.

I’ll give it a try although I’ve been running this bios version for a few months now with no issues until this.

Any updates?

Unfortunately no luck, even tried borrowing a cpu from a friend, I think it’s safe to say my motherboard is toast so I ordered a new board and system has been running perfectly ever since. A bit of pain as if I knew this was going to happen I would’ve just gone to AM5