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Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming Bios update?

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Does anybody knows when there will be a new bios for this motherboard Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming.
The latest one is dated 2019-07-05, an there is nothing about which AGESA its using.
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Well the only ones not have it -> X570 E gaming F gaming and I gaming and the E Gaming 2 . So i would not say B550 is better den anyfing

Asus just dont care i gues

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next time we buy boards with no alphabet after the model... on serious note > next time we buy boards from different manufacturer, save time and sweat !

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1.2.0.B is rolling out at the moment over the last few days (it was always due in October for every vendor). Keep an eye on the support pages.

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New bios agesa 1.2.0.B, also updated the firmware LED😊

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Any observations how the new BIOS affects the performance? I was very happy with 4802 which boosted my peak clocks by at least 100-200 MHz.

Update: I am little bit impatient 😁 so I just updated the BIOS and have been running with it for 15-20 minutes now. The initial benchmarks with Cinebench R20/23/24 do not show any regression so far except for the GPU score in R24 which is lower and this is very strange because I expected that the new BIOS could affect only the CPU overclock with PBO. Fortunately, readings from HwInfo show that CPU clocks boost generously like with 4802.

The only thing that annoyed me is that because of the fTPM update coming with this BIOS Windows forced me to change my PIN for login. IMO, it was completely unnecessary - I am not using BitLocker or any such stuff for encrypting my drive. And for those using BitLocker, make sure to backup your encryption key - BIOS prompted me to do it several times - once before the update and once after it.

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Will update tomorrow, pretty sure it will be a headache as it always was for me.. Wish me luck, hope this version will work for me!

use usb flashback on the back of the board, pretty esay

Had a few hiccups with this board, few pages back went above and beyond to try the latest bios without any luck. Will have to test this one 😅

I havent had great experiences with ASUS and this MOBO either, I had to swap out the 5800X for a 5600X to get it to work without issues.

Once I buy some more CPU paste ill try the 5800X again to see if the issue occurs with the recent BIOS.

The thing that I cant explain is that the 5800X is installed in my other PC which is a B550M MOBO and it hasnt missed a beat.

This was the first time ive even gone to a ASUS mobo and due to the issues ive experienced, I dont think ill buy them again on my next upgrade.

ROG Strix X570-E Gaming - AMD 5800X - MSI RTX380ti Ventus OC - 32GB G.Skill 3600CL16 - Samsung 980Pro 1TB+2TB M.2

That would be easy if Asus didnt break it during one of my BIOS updates many versions ago, I can only update the bios from inside the BIOS unfortunatetly.

The other issue ive had is that I get random reboots with the 5800X, I had to swap it out for the 5600X and havent has an issue for over a year now.

ROG Strix X570-E Gaming - AMD 5800X - MSI RTX380ti Ventus OC - 32GB G.Skill 3600CL16 - Samsung 980Pro 1TB+2TB M.2