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Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming Bios update?

Level 8

Does anybody knows when there will be a new bios for this motherboard Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming.
The latest one is dated 2019-07-05, an there is nothing about which AGESA its using.
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Level 10

New AMD chipset drivers are out.



Didnt see any on the Asus support page.

Level 11

Thanks for notifying us.

But I am actually wondering what drivers they have actually updated. I don't see any changelog on the driver's page and when I started the installer, it showed me the same versions that I have (I checked them in Device Manager). I even thought that I am running the wrong installer or that it is taking the wrong driver versions from C:\AMD folder because usually I am not removing it between the installations. I deleted that folder, nothing changed.

Anyway, the installation ran smoothly and it looked like doing something, I am just wondering if anything was actually updated. 😂

Update: Well, I found some information here but I am not thrilled because I am not on a X3D CPU.

Level 10

Level 7

I noticed that amd is releasing a patch B agesa, and then the patch C 24 year should we wait for asus?

Level 10
What else would you have to wait for?

two new bios version

Level 9

where are the new bios versions Asus or we gonna wait 1y ?

Level 8

I don't understand how all the B550, and the X570 Hero all got the bios update but the other X570 (E,F,I) board didn't.
For a manufacturer like Asus simply ridiculous.
Premium price demand but no premium support

B550 better x570😂