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Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming Bios update?

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Does anybody knows when there will be a new bios for this motherboard Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming.
The latest one is dated 2019-07-05, an there is nothing about which AGESA its using.
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Because it's a forum and I'd like to have some advice.
Because at the moment, I don't have hours (and I don't want) to test all the released bios.
Because I'm aware there were some performance problems with AGESA and Ryzen 3xxx ... but it's a long time ago and I don't know how things have evolved.
And because I plan an upgrade to Win11 and I'd like to know what's the best solution for my rig.


Level 10

Bios can be less stable, also older bioses have EDC bug 1.2.0.A does not so anything after had issue but meanwhile anything after had security updates and other fixes even improved stability while breaking PBO until 1.2.0.A

The trick was to apply PBO from Windows before to avoid edc bug which is no longer required on 1.2.0.A anyway its to soon to say if its better, requires to feedback of everyone not just one person.

This bios could have issues with some memory kits altho usually memory compatibility improves with each bios update

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Many thanks !

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And then others have to do the work for u.

Level 7

Is there an ETA on the 1.2.0.A update for B550 boards?

Level 10

U post in the wrong forum.

Level 9

I've tried last x2 bios updates and my machine is not booting so back on 4408.

CPU is 5700x Ram is Corsair V. 3000mhz, 1080ti, so nothing fancy but can't get It to work? Bios flashes absolutely fine both from Bios and using the flashback tool, just does not post. That update is crucial for system stability and power consumption... Any ideas will be appreciated thank you, I just want to update to 4802 🙄

Level 11

I load the BIOS defaults (i.e. resetting all settings to their default values like removing the overclock from the CPU and from memory) before flashing just to avoid some setting value messing with the new BIOS (any incompatibilities are possible). Do you do the same?


No different settings were applied at all, only thing was boot order!


@M3a1 So after you applied the 4802 bios and no boot/post, what do you do?

What happened after you pulled the battery and/or shorted the cmos reset jumper?

If I recall, normally the system will automatically reset to defaults when a new bios is flashed.  Could be something broken in the new bios.  This is asus after all.

They're showing a release date of 7/14 and an internal compilation date of 6/15.

If it still fails after a bios reset, try removing all sticks of ram, leaving 1 or 2 in the proper slots (a2/b2)


Note, with respect to doing a default reset before flashing, may be a good idea. Possible it wipes and corrupt (hidden) settings.