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Asus ROG_STRIX_B450-F failure 3200Mhz 4 module RAM Gskill FlareX

Level 7
I had my Asus ROG_STRIX_B450-F board with two 8 Gb RAM modules Gskill FlareX CL14 at 3200Mz. and it worked fine. I bought two equal modules of 8 Gb to have a total of 32GB in 4 modules, the problem is that now I do not pass 3000Mz if I mark in the bios DOCP standard.
What can I do?

Level 9
The XMP or DOCP profile overclocks it to the limit, so if it doesn't go higher than that, that's all it can clock up to using that method. I don't overclock ram much, not past the profile settings, but I think you can manually overclock it and see if it's stable or not using the Firmware/Bios settings. It should be under memory, somewhere. If you can find it. And then you set it to 3200 Mhz and see if it's stable or not. You don't have to use the XMP/DOCP profile if you don't want, but I'm not sure on stability if it'll hold or not using your current ram, and you'll have to test it. Disable the DOCP profile and manually set it to 3200 Mhz and see if it works or not using the manual Bios/Firmware settings. To get it to be stable you might want to check voltage on that set to see where it needs to be stable at that speed, but if the XMP profile set it to 3000 Mhz, I'd assume it can't go past that. Might want to make sure your set goes up to 3200 Mhz, because it might not if the profile won't run it as such. 32GB of ram might have different rules too, because you aren't in dual channel memory mode, and you're using 32GB of ram. I've never gone past 16GB so I'm not sure, and you're getting into territory I haven't crossed yet, like ever. Look at the voltage from the profile settings too and make sure your 3000 Mhz clock is the same voltage for your new 3200 Mhz clock from the profile on your manual settings from your XMP/DOCP auto profile, and see if that works or not, because that's all overclocking is. Each set is designed to run at a certain voltage and speed, so that's all there is to it, and the XMP/DOCP automatically sets all that for you to make it easier, so that's the best way to find out what voltage that set runs off of, or you can Google it.

Let me explain sets to you though for dual channel memory, which is best to stick to unless you have to use four sticks, and once you get out of two DIMMs, you're going to be slower, because it's faster in dual channel, so when you buy ram, always get the most on two DIMMs, not four, unless you just have to have four, but they're going to be slower, because you're not in dual channel memory mode, which is the fastest it can operate on. Memory is always faster in dual channel, which might explain why they won't clock up any higher, but all I use is dual channel, so I haven't run into this issue. If you read your manual for your Mobo, it also tells you how to install the DIMMs for dual channel, which is two DIMMs, which is important because they have to be in there a certain way on most boards to be in dual channel, which is what you want if you want the fastest ram, but if you went with four DIMMs and it clocked it at 3000 Mhz, I'd leave it alone, as that's what four DIMMs are rated at from that manufacturer, but you can play with it if you want, but I think your problem is you're using four DIMMs vs Two, which is an important distinction.

Just learn your lesson and eat it I'd say and leave it at 3000 Mhz for now, until you upgrade ram down the road on a new rig or the current one, or send ram back and change it all back to two DIMMs, or try to work with what you have and try to overclock the 4 Dimms back up to 3200 Mhz, but they still won't be in dual channel memory mode, so not sure how that'll work out for you, but good luck.

Level 7
Thank you very much.