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Asus crosshair viii extreme ram issue.

Level 9
I have had this this board from 26.8 2021 and i has had problem with memory training all the time.
The first cpu 5950x i vould never get stable even with stock jedec setting and problably there was a issue with the cpu and i have tested 3 different ram kits all samsung b die.
After switch to 5800x3d i got my 3600/c14 4x8gb stable at 3733 but with latest bios 1101 its not posting only at 3600.
My second spare 2x16gb 3200/c14 dual rank kit post with 3733 with c15 2T timings.
Is there any settings for this board to get 4 stick ram to work or do i need switch to the 2x16 kit.
Allso latest bios did improve use of 1T timing without geardown mode but is still unstable but it post that the older versions did not.
Is there a issue with ram oc on this board when dark hero board works ok.

And why is there 3. m.2 slots on this board when you only can use one of them and the dimm .2 module in my opinion its waste of space and money?

Level 14
I'm happily running 4 sticks of Crucial BL16G36C16U4B.M16FE1 with its default 3600 CL16 XMP profile (16-18-18-38) and a 5950X-B2. Memory has been stable on DOCP defaults with BIOS 0801, 0904, 1002, and 1101. I can't remember for sure, but it may have been stable all the way back to BIOS 0211, which was the factory BIOS for my board; I just know it's definitely been happy for 0801 and later on both default JEDEC speed and default DOCP speed. That Crucial part is JEDEC 2666 CL19/20 Micron RAM. Is your RAM listed as "1,2,4" on the socket support column of the QVL? 4 DIMM configs always push the limits harder than 2, and only the entries listed as 1,2,4 are validated for 4 DIMMs. That's not to say that only the validated 4 DIMM configs will work, just they will improve your chances of success.

You can use M.2_2 and M.2_3, just have to run the GPU slot as x8. It gives you the ability to run a blazingly fast RAID 0 with around 21Gbytes/s bandwidth when combined with M.2_1. The DIMM.2 slots are via the chipset, so limited by the X570 platform's x4 chipset link to roughly 7Gbytes/s shared between them and all other chipset devices. DIMM.2 is useful for capacity while keeping the GPU running at x16. It gives you choices about where you want to place the performance, and x8 isn't necessarily a huge performance hit for RTX 3000 and RX 6000 GPUs (which were the latest for the tail end of the X570's reign). Some games/applications do need the x16 bandwidth, but many are really just fine on x8. If you're someone who needs every last bit of framerate, x8 may steal a little. Ryzen 5000 only has a total of 24 PCIe lanes to play with, 4 of those always have to go to the chipset, leaving only 20 lanes direct to the CPU; all of the Crosshair boards do something creative with those 20 lanes to give you choices beyond just a single x16 for GPU and a single x4 for NVMe (AMD's platform design for AM4 / X570 is essentially just 16+4+chipset).

Level 9

I think this motherboard is defective when now i cant even get stock docp 3600 14-14-14-34 working.

And this is my second cpu because old 5950x did not work at all with this motherboard.

And those m2 slots is still useless when its drops gpu to 8x mode in my opinion is waste of money to put them there.


Level 14

3600 14-14-14-34 is a fairly aggressive overclock for DDR4.  There's nothing on the QVL for 14-14-14-34 and a 4 DIMM config at 3600.  The fastest timings for 3600 I can see on the QVL are 14-15-15-35 @ 1.45V for Samsung chips on a Team TF10D48G3600HC14CBK.  You almost certainly need to back off your RAM timings a bit.

The potential for a 21 GBytes per second system drive may seem useless to you, but it's there as an option for people who want supercharged storage speed.  Running the GPU at 4.0 x8 is not a huge performance penalty for many use cases, and is certainly not running the current GPUs at half of their performance potential for most normal usage.  There are very few scenarios that make full use of 4.0 x16 bandwidth.  The limited lanes of the Intel and AMD desktop platforms mean that x8 mode is a necessary sacrifice if you want the ability to use CPU IO bandwidth for another purpose.  At the high end of desktop platforms, you need to properly research the boards before you buy them, to see if the IO configuration is what you want/need.

I run with same ram 3733 cl 14-14-14-32 1T gdm on  before so its a motherboard issue. Two latest bios versions at least has this issue and i i had tried 3 different ram kits and all behave the same.

And its b die so it should work fine without any qvl listings because its never uppdated on the supportt site and g.skill has it listed as compatible.

Level 9

The new bios seems to fix something but i don't know if it stable and stays only time will tell but at least i can use 3733mhz again.

The timings is not final but it works.

ZenTimings_Screenshot bios1201.png

Level 7

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