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Asus Crosshair VIII Dark Hero MB sensor reading 107Cº , black screen problem

Level 7


For a month or so, I have been experiencing totally random black screens. This is, the screens turns black, but the computer still works. Only solution is reseting the comp. I may experience 1 or 2 of these black screens a day, in a totally random pattern, or not experiencing one in the whole day at all.

Drivers  and SO are updated, CPU and GPU temps were normal, VRM and Chipset temps, acording to HWinfo, also normal, so I had no clue of what was causing this blackouts.

Lately I have installed Fan Control v162, that comes with a temp monitoring, and it has detected a sensor on the MB that it calls "Aux 2" that is reading 107Cº while the comp is idle. there are 6 of these "Aux" sensor in the MB but i have no clue what part of the MB they are actually reading.

Anyone has this info to share?. Also any clues of what may be causing these black screens?

Thanks in advance


Level 7

Got the same AUX2 sensor read-out (105°C in my case) in Fan Control, but none of your black screen issues.

I'd still like to know what exactly that AUX2 sensor is measuring because I've NEVER seen it below or above 105°C

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Hello, ask the author of the fan utility. It sounds as though the sensor is unassigned or an erroneous value.

Black screens; clear the CMOS and see if the behaviour persists without DOCP enabled at Optimised Defaults and report back. Need to rule out overclocking.


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Level 7

Thanks for your response Silent, I will not be at home for some days, as soon i get back will do as you say and see if the behavior persists. Btw, there is no overclocking done on the cpu, just the memory i think at 3800 using DOCP as you say