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Asus crosshair vi hero NVMe SSD Not working

Level 7
Lexar® NM610 M.2 2280 NVMe SSD
My Asus crosshair vi hero not showing my bios

How can i fix?

Level 13
Do you have the port enabled and open lanes?
Sometimes drives don't show up in bios. Check disk manager.

Level 12
Which NVMe spot on the motherboard are your trying to put it in ?
What BIOS are you running ?

Version 8002

Asus crosshair vi hero M.2 NVme Support?
My cpu 3900x

Level 7

Level 12
So the MP500 is what used to be in there, and you put the Lexar NM610 M.2 2280 NVMe SSD in to that position, correct ?

my bios setting show m.2-N/A

Level 7
That img just a reference
first time i used Lexar NM610 M.2 2280 NVMe SSD

Level 12
Here is the procedure for install of windows on a new NVMe drive.

Enter BIOS, Advanced mode,

1 - Make sure you unplug all SATA and USB drives, the M.2 drive has to be the only drive installed.
2 - Go into the bios, under the boot tab there is an option for CSM, make sure it is disabled.
3 - Click on secure boot option below and make sure it is set to other OS, Not windows UEFI.
4 - Click on key management and clear secure boot keys.
5 - Insert a USB memory stick with a UEFI bootable iso of Windows 10 on it.
6 - Press F10 to save, exit and reboot.
7 - Windows will now start installing to your NVME drive as it has its own NVME driver built in.
8 - When the PC reboots hit F2 to go back into the BIOS, you will see under boot priority that windows boot manager now lists your NVME drive.
9 - Click on secure boot again but now set it to Windows UEFI mode.
10 - Click on key management and install default secure boot keys
11 - Press F10 to save and exit and windows will finish the install.

Hope you find this helpful.

PS - To be Windows 11 ready do this after the above,

Enter BIOS, Advanced mode.

Navigate to
Advanced Menu -> AMD fTPM Configuartion
TPM Device Selection: Firmware TPM

Save & Exit