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Asus crosshair dark hero /5900x/ bios update question

Level 9

I'm still on bios 3801 on my board but because of some issues I might need to flash a new version, I read that some people are having serious issues with the 4201 and I guess I'll avoid it.

Which is the more recent and stable version then?


I'm glad for this thread as I thought it was just me and my hardware/software. I too had a couple of really weird problems with BIOS 4201 (linux-based thumb drive would boot intermittently, SATA drives would be identified out of their usual sequence, PC would refuse to reboot). I ended up re-flashing to 3904 and my PC has been running normal/stable ever since. I'm glad to hear 4006 is also considered stable, and I may try that if I run into any issues.

Level 9
It's really driving me nuts.

It was fine for like two weeks

Monday, my pc froze completely, Ryujin screen turned off , had to restart and all was ok after that.
Today, I was just browsing and...
Screen turned black, fans turned off.
Ryujin screen turned off
Q code 00
I had lots of issues since I've installed the Ryujin 2 . Could it be faulty and cause that kind of problem or is it more motherboard related?.