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Asus crosshair dark hero /5900x/ bios update question

Level 9

I'm still on bios 3801 on my board but because of some issues I might need to flash a new version, I read that some people are having serious issues with the 4201 and I guess I'll avoid it.

Which is the more recent and stable version then?


Level 7
I have been Intel fan boy all my life and although Intel shares its own problems and there was a time when my older X99 WS 10G and 6950X CPU would act up and it took me literately a year of troubleshooting to fix it, but by the time I figured that out I've had it and got rid of, which later on I regretted, BTW, it was a stupid apps service that would conflict with the whole system and freeze it or reboot, the worse thing, nothing would show in even viewer or dump file so I was facing really tough luck, but I did it., so can you.

Anyhow, AMD is much less forgiven to hardware and software changes and windows 10 and updates can and some times does its own thing. Windows 11, so I've heard is even worse, so don't disregard that update(s) have something to do with it.
Also silly things like mounting pressure on CPU can make a difference between night and day. BTW. CPU shouldn't degrade that fast, unless you have potato.

To weed out some of the potentially hidden issue and I know its quite a bit of work, but I would start from absolute scratch, otherwise you might be chasing a wild goose.

Clear CMOS and stay with 3801. Install the latest Chipset from AMD then install windows from scratch and try not updating, connect only mouse and keyboard and wait to see If problem still persists, if seems clear after day or 2, do the windows update and see then, leave for a day or two again if its clear again slowly start installing all your apps one by one.

To eliminate CPU or even board problem prior to you installing windows updates and apps if stays clear, then obviously Its not your hardware, that would be a good sign.

If your issue comes back afterwords clear CMOS and install Bios 4006 and see if helps.
I know its long way, but sometimes its worth the try.

Level 9
Well those issues are very, very random

Qcode 00, it was 2 in a week, one during gaming and the other on an excel spreadsheet.

For the Qcode i've actually LOOSEN a bit the AIO and i did not had the issue anymore, i think it was the issue, as you said above , first time i see something like thos tbh

The Whea error during gaming a bit more than a week ago

this morning 2 crashes :
- one crash when screen went black and sound was choppy and I had to **** down the PC
- One crash with black screen and PCIE light flashing on one cable.

What i did :
Reset the cables of the GPU
reinstall the GPU with DDU

-I went back to a default profile without OC / PBO / Curve optimizer.

-Came back to using the "default" power plan.

Also are those voltage safe? All is on default so I guess it is but... 1.519 freaks me out..

Also, haven't cleared CMOS (with the button?) Is there a difference between loading the default profile and clear CMOS?

Thanks again for your help !


Level 7
All I know is the voltage spikes even on idle can go to 1.520V and that is to be expected. I was freaking out as well the first time I so that, but yes, apparently for AMD is absolutely normal, mine does exactly the same thing, but they will drop substantially under full multi core load work..1.011V - 1.125V.

Pressing "clear CMOS" at the back, fully clears whats might be copied from previous possibly bed setup, prior Bios and other things, that way you know you starting clean.

Thb. at this point you don't have much to lose, just update to 4006 and see what happens, if that doesn't help goo all from scratch.

Level 9
Will clear it and flash the 4066 version since 4201 is to be avoided.

I am running stock without oc but I had other issues tonight

It started to be very slow and lots of things were not responding, I was just on interne working.

I rebooted and it shut down immediately when on windows .

Restarted and all seemed OK again

It's honestly driving me mad I have no idea what to do It's a mess and it did this on a profile without any oc which is worrying..

Level 7
Believe me, I've been there more then once, but at the end, if you be patient, you will find the source and whether will be something easy fix or hardware related its another story.

If clearing CMOS and Bios 4006 wont make a difference, I truly think you should go and start from scratch, that way as you move along and adding things, by giving time between, you will know what is giving you problem.

Level 7
There is potentially another issue, but I wont get into till you try things from scratch, otherwise you assume the worse without knowing if it simply windows11 update, bad Bios or drivers related.

Try clean first, if that doesn't work, but you really have to try I will to explain afterwords.

Can you get CPU-Z and take a screenshot of CPU info and post it please

Level 9
Will post It tonight, will reinstall everything and do occt test of everything on Thursday won't have time before unfortunately but I hope to figure it out it's so annoying..

Did you had any ram issue with 4066? Read somewhere that latest versions had issues with ram above 3200 and I have 3600

Level 7
There is a reason for me asking to see the CPU-Z screen shot of the CPU info, but lets see it first and yes whenever is convenient for you.

Level 9
Will post It tonight 🙂 7am here and unfortunately not working from home today, I wish I could so I'd have time for diagnostics.. It's frustrating.

Level 9