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ASUS B550-I STRIX BIOS "2806" UPDATE to fix 4000 Series Crashes/Reboots WHEN?

Level 8
The B550-I Strix desperately needs a BIOS update that supports the new 4000 series GPUs, there are multiple reports online of customers who are experiencing crashes, instabilities and reboots.

What's going on guys? When can we expect an update for such a critical issue? The last BIOS update this motherboard received was in May, while virtually all other non-ITX B550 boards have gotten the update. Even the x570-I Strix has gotten the update, so why the heck hasn't this one?

Could someone please from ASUS please confirm to us when/if we can expect a BIOS update to address these issues?

Here are some links documenting the aforementioned compatibility issues:Â*Â*

Level 7

I've escalated a support ticket with ASUS with this thread and a few other links, hopefully we'll get a bios fix.

The workaround is to leave the card in "maximum performance mode" but that's such a huge waste of electricity (it's okay now in the winter, but when the weather gets hotter it's really wasteful!

Level 7

Have their been any updates on this? Or should I give up on there ever being a fix for this as it has been going on since the 4000 series launch.

Level 7

What can I do to bring attention to this? I'm also having this problem with a 4070.

Level 7

I also have this issue with a 4000 series card - this is going to be a major issue as *anyone* with a 4000 series card and the Strix B550 board is going to get constant crashing of their system. 

This needs to be looked at immediately if it isn't already under investigation please.

Level 7

Would like to add I've been banging my head around these issues and found the problem is with this board like many others. Would be nice to have some sort of acknowledgement by Asus.

Level 7

Has anyone spoken to Asus regarding this issue?