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asrock intel arc a750 video card will not go into L0 L1 low power mode. Need motheboard bios help

Level 7

The asrock card does not enter low power mode. Currently running at 45w at idle instead of 4-10w.

Windows power is plan is set to power save and configuration of PCI express link state power management is set to maximum power savings per. Both monitors are

MOtherboard Bios ERP set to s4+s5. Could not find a bios setting to Enable ASPM (active state power management status to enabled) to configure the PCI express slot for ASPM L0 and L1. Both L0 and L1 on both upstream and downstream have to be enabled for this card to go into low power mode when idle. On Reddit discussions, it is said that there are "hidden settings" inside the bios that can turn on ASPM L0s and L1.

Below is the current status of the bus showing ASPM on the bus that the Card is using.

On pci Express x8 bus #9 (which is nested inside the pciex16/x8_1 slot at the top of the board), ASPM for upstream shows as only L1 capable but it is enabled

bus 9-upstream switchport.jpg

On the next bus down inside bus #10, Aspm for downstream also shows as only L1 capable but it is enabled.

bus 10 -downstream switch port.jpg
On the next bus down inside bus #11, The asrock card shows that it supports L0s and L1, but it status is DISABLED

bus 11-downstream switch port arc card.jpg

Window 10Pro 22H2

Motherboard: Rog Crosshair vii Hero revision 1.xx bios 5302

Asrock arc a750 card is plugged in to the PCIex16 slot closest to CPU. The card is running at x8 instead of x16 because an NVMe is plugged in next to it.

Card bios 20.0.1068

Card Driver version



Level 10

If the setting is not visible in the uefi you can try to enable by modifying the uefi variable store.
as shown here:

Will this work on the bios for a crosshair VII motherboard?