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are there no HPET options in bios? Vi Hero

Level 7
i have ryzen 1800x, crosshair vi hero, win 10 X64

i did the thing in cmd prompt to disable hpet, have read others with my MB have enabled/disabled via bios but i can not find the option. Is it there?
someone else told me that if high performance event timer shows up in device manager under system devices then its not disabled.. is this true?

also read if you plan on OC'ing then you need to have HPET enabled?
really confused about it

Level 13
To date C6H/C7H/ZE has not had HPET option exposed in beta/offical UEFIs, by default it is set to enabled in UEFI.

- HPET disabled in BIOS: OS/software can't access HPET and has to fall back to the TSC-based timer
- HPET enabled in BIOS, but disabled by OS (useplatformclock false): OS will use TSC-based timer, but any software can still access HPET
- HPET enabled in BIOS, and enabled by OS (useplatformclock true): OS and all software will use HPET as primary timer

If OS default setting is not causing you issues I'd just let it be TBH. Some peoples setups seem to work better with useplatformclock false and others true and usually they have checked what worked best as they had an issue.

Whichever way I have option it doesn't hinder or improve my OC "experience" with the HW.
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ty for the reply. I finally got my mic latency issues fixed.. turns out i guess it was a driver issue.. no matter what i was doing i had around a 10 - 20 ms delay which made it almost impossible to record songs, layering tracks. I never found any hpet features in the bios, dont think there is any tbh but figured i would update the post that its figured out