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Anyone running Gskill F4-3600C14Q-32GTZNB on a X570 Dark Hero?

Level 12
My itch to complete a new build and tinker with the latest AMD offerings has taken over. Despite my concerns with reports about WHEA errors and Ryzen 5000 RMA adventures, I took the plunge. After a few weeks of searching for parts I finally acquired a 5900X and CH8 Dark Hero.

I also did something perhaps unwise. I picked up the F4-3600C14Q-32GTZNB RAM kit thinking it would run at the 3600mhz sweet spot at low CAS 14 more common to the 3200 kits. Trying for the best of both worlds. I checked out Gskill QVL and the Dark Hero is there. I then noticed this ram is NOT on the Asus QVL for the mobo. I broke my golden rule and ordered it anyway based on Gskill QVL and commentary in their forum.

Has anyone else tried this ram on the Dark Hero with a 5000 series Ryzen?? I'm thinking I should have settled for the CAS 16 that was on both QVLs. Before I crack open the package I thought any input would be great.


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That kit shouldn't be an issue. GSKILL hand binning is worth the investment if looking for best chance of compatibility as the there's normally plenty of guard band in place.
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Level 9
It will run. Those are single rank x 4, so you'll probably have no issues getting it to run at the advertised speeds.
High density modules is another story. I have got the G.Skill 64GB kit (4x16GB dual rank) and that doesn't do any higher than 3000Mhz.


Level 7
Currently running that exact memory kit with the Dark Hero (BIOS 3003) and a 3900XT with zero issues. The only problem I had was DOCP wouldn't work. I had to run the "DRAM Calculator" by 1usmus and manually configure the memory in the BIOS to get them to run at DDR4-3600 14-15-15.

Thank you for the replies!! I am going to try to get this kit up and running this weekend.

I am updating my thread to report this memory worked out great. Runs perfect at DOCP settings from the first boot. 3600 CAS 14, nice!