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An example of bad BIOS menu design from ASUS

Level 8
I'm making this post as feedback in hopes that ASUS improves the user experience of its BIOS navigation.

I recently lost a lot of time researching about why the hell my Rog Strix 550-E Gaming (Wi-Fi) board didn't have the curve optimizer despite an up-to-date BIOS, while the non-(Wi-Fi) version of the board did. The curve optimizer toggle should have been in the Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) menu, but it simply wasn't there.

Turns out that the option truly was only available in a DIFFERENT menu that also allows you to enable PBO, in a different tab within the BIOS. The fact that the same board setting (PBO) can be toggled in two different menus, but each of these places provides you with different options, is totally counter-intuitive. To make matters worse, searching for "curve" using the BIOS' search function gives no results if PBO is disabled, which also makes very little sense. This clearly shows that BIOS designers are not user experience designers.

I hope ASUS uses this constructive feedback to improve the interface design of the BIOS. You shouldn't put the same menu in two different places, but if you do, they CERTAINLY should not have different options!

Where I was trying to find the option:


And here is where you actually have to go. Furthermore, you need to set the PBO to "Advanced" for the curve option to show up:


Level 7

Hey there Nantes,

I totally resonate with your frustration over ASUS' BIOS design quirks. It's astonishing how some hardware manufacturers overlook the importance of user experience in their BIOS menus. The struggle you faced with your Rog Strix 550-E Gaming (Wi-Fi) board is far from unique.

My experience echoes yours, encountering BIOS navigation puzzles. It's baffling that ASUS hides essential options in obscure corners of their menus. A BIOS should empower users, not send them on a wild goose chase.

In my case, an MSI motherboard had a similarly convoluted BIOS layout. I had to sift through multiple menus to find a simple overclocking setting. It's frustrating when you're hunting for an option that should logically be in one place. For example, I'm encouraged by something like this: 

For a solution, ASUS should consider a comprehensive redesign of their BIOS, emphasizing logical organization and search functionality. Providing clear and intuitive menus could save users countless hours of frustration. Let's hope ASUS heeds your feedback and enhances the user experience...