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AMD fTpm not working correctly

Level 7

I have latest amd chipset drivers, bios, windows 11 dev build

Pc spec's.

Crosshair VIII Hero
Amd Ryzen 5800X

I get this error in event viewer i have freezes, crashed and stuttering troughout the day due to this multiple times a day, i have tried every possible resolution aswell and i cant rid of the issues i'm having due to this.

My board costed a fortune and there is no excuse to be having to deal with this, i have googled and alot of users are having this issue, wich i will showcase to the retailer if no action is being taken to resolve this issue from your side and helping me.

If you google

You will see a bunch of users are having this issue

"Visit, "" in a web browser, you will see it says "does not exist", because we misconfigured our attestation server, for well over a year now."

Still this issue exist

Reggards Michel

Level 12
Came across this, not how useful it might be.

"I am part of the Vanguard Beta GPU driver program .. this was posted over there in their Discord

"- for those of you affected by fTPM related stuttering with Ryzen CPUs, can you please try the following procedure to see if it resolves the issue: Details: Affected users may find Event Viewer Application and Service Logs\Microsoft\Windows\Crypto-Ncrypt\Operational events where Task Category is Open Provider Failure with status 0x80090030 (NTE_DEVICE_NOT_READY) indicating that the TPM may not have been provisioned correctly.

Solution 1 (Recommended): Running the TPM-Maintenance task may resolve this issue. The TPM-Maintenance task may be run automatically after restarting the PC. TPM-Maintenance may be found under Task Scheduler (Local)\Task Scheduler Library\Microsoft\Windows\TPM in the Task Scheduler App. Alternatively, run as admin: schtasks.exe /Run /TN Microsoft\Windows\TPM\TPM-Maintenance

Solution 2 (NOT recommended if you use Bitlocker): If this issue persists after running the TPM-Maintenance task, Clearing the TPM may resolve this issue. Run the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Management console (TPM.msc) or open “Security Processor Troubleshooting” settings to find the command to clear the TPM. For more information, refer to this Microsoft article:

Warning: Clearing your TPM causes you to lose all TPM Keys. Be sure to back up your data and Bitlocker recovery keys before clearing the TPM or you may lose data. Try running the TPM-Maintenance task before Clearing your TPM."