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AMD chipset drivers 18.50.16 not found

Level 7
Hi, I just came across the Asus website and it shows that it has an update for my Crosshair VII hero motherboard
"Version 2008 2019/03/1410.23 MBytes

Update AGESA 0070 for the upcoming processors and improve CPU compatibility.
ASUS strongly recommends installing AMD chipset driver 18.50.16 or later before updating BIOS."

There is this recommendation above to update to the latest chipset drivers(18.50.16 or above). However i am not able to locate these on asus and amd site.
all i see is 18.40.02 and 18.10.1810.

Some help here please.


Level 7
I'm wondering the same thing.

Level 7

Level 13
I will assume that you are look for the one for the new bios.

Well that is not it. That is the last one of the webpage for, in my case, X470-1.

For bios 2008 IS NEEDED the 18.50.16 and i can not find it. here is it?
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Level 9
just use ASUSUpdater - it will find it.
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bigtop1967 wrote:
just use ASUSUpdater - it will find it.

The one that comes with ASUS AI Suite 3 V3.00.13?? that is the last version, I read a little lower on the page a 3.00.16

Sometimes i do not understand who makes these notes on the oficial Motherboard websites..... even (rant here) Remember update the IME before instaling that, and the update is not there (these is not the case) Le me try some digging since the computer left last night and i could not finish the test.

Since my friend is leaving for a week on sunday I will ask if he can leave the machine for that week. I have no idea what is going on in Asus. I am clueless. Instaling x and Y and the X files is not available.

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aaraujo wrote:
Actually this is the correct link:

It was found here:

Works on x370 and x3470 on all asus board Strix and ROG?
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