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All core voltage on C6H. What is your voltage?

Level 9
Hi all,

I was wondering what kind of all core voltages you were getting under full load with Zen2?

With my 3600 with no PBO, I'm getting all core voltages of 1.337v which seems a tad high. This is on auto voltage and auto LLC and around 4GHz frequency.

This to me seems way too high for the frequency. I'm prime95 stable @ 4.1GHz 1.25v so it doesn't make sense. This has been the same for every Zen 2 bios (AGESA onwards).

Just curious what you all get and if this is normal?

Level 7
I'd wait until more mature BIOS's come out before making a full conclusion.

But according to AMD, seeing even 1.45v is okay. So good voltages seem to just be opinions as of now. (I mean stock, I'm sure AMD doesn't want us overclocking on 1.45v or anywhere near that.)

1.337v is really good, i have a C6H and a 3600, i hit a all core voltage of 1.373v.