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AGESA 1.2.0.A on X570 platform

Level 8

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here.

Just to say  ty to AMD and Asus for releasing this new version and the bios that goes with it for ryzen 5950x owners.

Updated on the Rog Crosshair Dark Hero with the latest 4501 bios and performance is on point with falling temps compared to previous versions.

for owners of 59XX, I recommend it without any doubts.




Hi BillBittel ,

You are right to point that out. The PBO mode is perfectly optimized with this bios.

I wonder if it's worth activating the curve optimizer.

Omg , you tried 41 different bioses just for this mobo , but where did you find all that?

I bought the Dark Hero in January 2021. Hard to believe it's been over 2 years! It came with Bios 2002. Since then there have been 20 official Bios releases. I downloaded all of those from the Asus US support site. In that same time period, 21 Beta Bios's were released, some unofficially. Some of them were posted on the support site but I don't think all of them. There is an Asus employee, username safedisk on the forum. He regularly posts the Betas in the Crosshair VIII and Dark Hero threads. I kept a list. The first table is the official releases. The second table is the betas. The dates are download dates, not release dates, but I usually downloaded them within a few days of release.  You can see that there was a Bios 4501 beta that was posted on Overclock.Net about 1 month before it was officially released. 

I have to say that Asus has done a good job getting Bios files updated for the X570 premium boards. I counted 19 AGESA updates so about half of them were due to AMD. Asus's release updates notes have always been pathetic (like all of the mobo vendors), so aside from AGESA updates, it's hard to know what else they did. A few had specific things listed like updates for Aura and Resizeable BAR. I flashed them all and never had a problem, other than having to redo a handful of Bios Default setting changes and re-enter RAM timings.


Ver DL Date
2002 ???
2502 2020-11-12
2601 2020-12-14
3003 2020-12-14
3101 2021-01-01
3201 2021-01-13
3302 2021-03-12
3501 2021-04-08
3601 2021-06-16
3801 2021-08-16
3904 2021-12-15
4004 2022-02-22
4006 2022-03-10
4201 2022-05-12
4304 2022-12-30
4402 2023-02-12
4501 2023-05-23


Ver DL Date
2701 beta 2021-01-16
3102 beta 2021-01-07
3202 beta 2020-01-14
3204 beta 2021-01-31
3301 beta 2021-03-06
3302 beta 2021-01-25
3401 beta 2021-04-08
3501 beta 2021-04-08
3601 beta 2021-05-27
3702 beta 2021-07-13
3703 beta 2021-07-28
3801 beta 2021-08-02
3901 beta 2021-09-08
3902 beta 2021-11-25
3903 beta 2021-12-03
4001 beta 2022-01-15
4002 beta 2022-02-10
4005 beta 2022-03-07
4201 beta 2022-04-28
4303 beta 2022-12-27
4501 beta 2023-04-29



Level 7

Hi Guys,

So, I have the Crosshair VIII Dark Hero with BIOS 4501 installed, and I'm having some serious problems with all newer games (Diablo IV, Mechwarrior5, Forza Motorsport 7& Forza Horizon 5) crashing to the desktop almost instantly whenever I try to play them. Older games like Diablo II and Diablo 3 run flawlessly.  

I have a Ryzen 9 5950X and a Radeon 6950XT and 128GB (4x 32GB) of Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB DDR4-3200 RAM (CL16-20-20-38).

Here's the bizarre thing:  When I set the BIOS settings to Default - No OC on the CPU and RAM is set to 2133MHz with all DRAM timing set to "Auto" and voltage is at 1.192V (Default), and all PCI-E and Southbridge to PCI-E 4.0 I can run games with no issues at all.

When I go into the BIOS and I specify the RAM Clock Speed to 3200MHz, and then set the Voltage to 1.35V, and edit the DRAM Timings to what's printed on the DIMM's 16-20-20-38 and the tCAS to 58, that's when everything goes south.

The ASUS QVL says that my RAM - Corsair CMW128GX4M4E3200C16(Ver3.44) is supported.

Is there a setting that I'm missing somewhere that's causing this problem?

How many DIMM Modules are you using? Reason why I ask is that sometimes having more than 2 modules in the Ram slots can cause instability. 

Hi AgCN3, I would recommend starting your own thread to get better support.

I can't say for sure if there is a good solution to your problem. I would suggest first off going into your bios/eufi and enable DCOP and choosing your memory profile from there. This may give you the best chance to get your memory to work at the correct timings and set the correct fclock. 

Follow that guide on how to do it and hopefully you will get the desired result. However since you are using 4 dimm modules and they happen to be 4x32gb modules, you may have to accept that you might not be able to set the tcas properly and will have to be happy with the auto value most likely. The memory should be compatible like the list says. However this is a known limitation that the more ram modules and higher density ram, you may have to live with lower speeds. I knew this going in. If things are stable with an auto/default tcas value and the rest of the timings and speeds are setup, then that is the best you can hope for. Some people have to have much slower speeds with such large amounts of ram.

I am using a 5950x with an asus crosshair hero motherboard and I have 4x16gb modules for 64gb. I originally had two 32gb for maximum compatibility and performance and was able to tune the memory quite a bit with 16 19 16 36 timings, having bought two more exact modules, I knew it may not work as intended. I had to set a lot of the extra timings to auto to get things to post at the right speeds. It's just a limitation with 4 high density dimm dual rank modules. I lost a little bit of performance to gain a lot more ram because I often would hit 32gb easily. I hope your 128gb is worth it for you.

Hi jeordiewhite,

Unfortunately, when I select the D.O.C.P. profile that has the exact timings set forth on each DIMM Module, the system will not even boot.  and that's with no other altered settings.

I have to say that it really sucks not being able to use the RAM at the "rated speed" and CAS Latency settings that Corsair claims for that set of RAM.

Thinking I might switch to Mushkin, since their RAM actually performs in the manner they state it will, no matter the density of the DIMMS.

I appreciate your thoughts on this!  👍

Hi AgCN3,

When you say that you set the bios setting to default , does it means you keep the PBO Asus and PBO Amd on Auto in the Bios ?

To be able to play games without crashing , I had to put the PBO Amd on disabled.

This may not solve the Ram problem but if I understood correctly you are just modifying the parameters related to your Ram.Your sticks being compatible with qvl , these should work without problem.

can you share each changed settings from the default in your bios please?

Level 7

Any news on when the ROG Strix X570-I will get this Bios version? Contains very important fixes...