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After a lot of hesitation, An AMD Ryzen Zen 3 Success Story

Level 12
I know the message boards are often times filled with those folks trouble shooting their issues. I've been on the internet forums for 20 years and teethed on sites like AMDMB and Icrontics. I have also been active over years on some hard core overlocking sites when I used to bench competitively. Times for me have certainly changed.

Anyways, although I remain sensitive top those here with issues they are trying to resolve, I thought it would be nice to share some success that is not as often seen on the forums. I posted about 2 months ago asking whether AMD was "ready for prime time. " The forums were (and still are) littered with posts about Ryzen system instability issues, random reboots, whea errors, and BSODs. I was concerned about making the jump back to AMD from Intel which I have run since the original Core 2 days.

Well, after weeks of parts hunting I was finally able to score a CH8 Dark Hero, 5900X and some Gskill NEO 3600 CAS 14. I was sweating bullets at the first boot up but it all fired up nicely on the test bench. I ran some prelim memory testing that passed 2 hours of testing...all at DOCP settings with the memory at 3600 CAS 14. Next went a fresh Win 10 Pro installation. Then I loaded CB R23 and 3DMark. I ran some benches and noted the system landed right in the heart of most of the published scores on the net. I've since tinkered with the system for over a week now and haven't had a BSOD, spontaneous reboot, or crash. The system remains buttery smooth in hard core benches as well as light web browsing. C states, sleep and wake all work perfectly.

Needless to say I am pretty darn happy. I know this is not the case for some folks here, but I suspect given how huge the new AMD systems are selling, that the majority of users are likely having a positive experience. All I know is that I am happy I took the plunge. My trusty 9900K at 5.1ghz all core is going to my 17 year old son who is salivating to replace his 7700k system and take on some extra cores/threads.

Zen 3 is really nice system and my work and gaming experiences are going to benefit. I will soon work on the Optimizer and other settings to tweak the most of the system. After I have learned enough I hope to be able to come back here and help others that still may be struggling.